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My grandson and I.

This site is a dedication and tribute to my son, who was murdered on january the 11th 2003,  edited especially for
all, his friends. The site was created by myself in 2003 and has helped me to get a lot of my inner thoughts and feelings to surface.
To sign my petition go to a mothers fight against knives page 2 the link is at the top when you get to the mothers against knives web site scroll down you will see an option to veiw or sign the petition just click on it and add your name your signiture counts, please state full name and area for your signiture to count. Thank you.

Robert was on his way to the post office, when he was confronted by youths in the area he had had trouble with in the past, one youth approached the scene, then ran off home, he was seen to go in his house, and come out with a samuria sword.
As Robert was bent in a car doorway, the youth namely Benjimin Jason Kelly, thrust the sword in Roberts back, at left shoulder blade.
The full 12 inches of the sword went into Robert causing injuries that left him bleeding to death, the youth then ran off, an ambulence was called, and they tried to resuss Robert, but he was pronouced dead in hospital.
I got a phone call at approx 2.45pm from Roberts partner. telling me Robert was in hospital been resussed, I asked what had happened, she wouldnt say, so i rang my father to come get me to go to the hospital.
I then rang the hospital back, I was told Robert had been discharged and was on his way home, thinking that dosent seem right, I rang back and was put on to a police woman, who said he is been resussed, i waited for my father pacing up and down, then the phone went, it was Roberts partner again, all she said was he has gone.
My father came and we rushed to the hospital, I went in to identify Robert and there he was, with a tube in his mouth, I was told they had done all they could to save him I couldnt touch him because of forensic, he died at 20 minutes past 3pm the 11th of january it was a saturday.


My Son


The evening paper





Kelly changed his plea from not guilty, to guilty on the second day of the trial, Kelly was one of a gang of youths who had been harrassing people in the area, vandelising and abusing people, his family are a well known drug dealing family who are no strangers to jail,when they were approached and asked to stop harrassing they became abusive and spat in peoples faces, Robert was one of the people who stood up to them, he wouldnt take the harrassment of this anti-social behavioural gang.
So they harrassed him more, they stole his car, on 3 occasions, the last time it was a right off, they lit fires outside his house, and threatened him with a knife on more than one occasion, on Saturday 11th January, Robert was on his way to the post office, when 2 of the youths approached him and were abusive to him, Kelly was walking down the street and joined in, he then ran off, A friend of Roberts pulled up in his car, and Robert bent in the doorway to chat to him, Kelly was seen by a witness to go into his house come out with the sword, and plunge it with force into Roberts back the full 12 inch blade went into him, he then ran off, he was caught in London where police solicitors advised him to hand him self in, its been said that his mother burnt his clothes and his father threw the sword in the river, which it was found at a later date.
The injuries as described by the the surgeon who tryed to save Robert, Mr Hands, were horrific, and all the medical staff in the world would not have saved him, Robert became unconcious in seconds and bled to death from torrential bleeding in the street.
As time has gone by information has come to light i was informed by a good source that Kelly (killer) carried a knife and dealt drugs when he was at school ive also been informed that the 2 Dunfords who persued the disbute that day were complained about by residents numerous times for their anti-social behaviour they complained to a member of the community meetings board who did nothing about it and a few days later Robert was killed.


Roberts son Liam.

Robert was my first born, I brought him up mostly alone
as his father worked abroad, I taught him to the best of
my ability to be a up right standing person, to be honest,
 respectful, and genuine.
I would, tell him if he was wrong, and didnt agree with him,
 but if he was right i would back him to the hilt,
 he was taught to be caring of others, and help when
 he could.
He was also brought up to be a free spirit,
 to not be suppressed
or suppress, but to stand up for his rights,
 gee he saw me do that
many a time.
He had this talent of making you smile,
you couldnt be angry with him for long,
as he grew he developed, a huge personality,
 and a caring for people that came from his heart,
 just been around him made you buzz,
his sense of humour was next to none,
 he played in a pool team that donated each year
 money to charity, and he was a great sports person,
his younger days were spent playing football in a local team,
 and swimming in races for a swimming club,
 he loved camping and weekends away..
He did his apprenticeship as a engineer,
and worked for an engineering company for some time,
he then went to university to enhance his skills,
 on the whole he lived life to the full.
He was adored by all who met him, he had a knack,
of making his friends, friends of friends so they multiplied,
 I adored him, and was very proud of him,
he was always there for me as i was for him,
he was a special person, his name will live on,
he will never be forgotten by the many friends he had,
 and i his mum will as always carry him in my heart.

The Post Office today

The post office today, if you look to left, where the post box is
you can see in the corner where Robs friends are still putting
flowers there for him, the street to the right is where the murderer
ran from with the sword under his coat, to where Rob was stood
talking to a friend in a car doorway, a close family member
spoke to the friend who was there when it happened and he
expressed when talking to Rob he saw the murderer,s head
bobbing up and down behind Rob, obviously trying to jump to
put the sword in Robs back, then he saw the sword dripping
with blood, Its very hard to believe this happened at all
 never mind in broad daylight in a busy road, people were
in shock, one of the young men who helped, is recieving
 counselling, and a lady who helped Rob, was an eplileptic
she died some days later from the shock, I was at home
not knowing until the phone call that my son was drawing
his last breath.



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Sign My Guestbook

Thank you for signing the guest book
there are other guest books on other pages
from people and friends with different
messages, they are separate books from
the one on this page, if you would like
to read what people have written,
Many thanks.
Reading your wonderful comments i have noticed its mentioned a lot
how i have coped.
I didnt cope at all at first but had alot of support from Robs friends and family, but still had long times alone with my own thoughts, doing this site has allowed me to put my feelings into words, its took me over a year to do it, just sat and wrote, and let my feelings out, had to stop many a time because it became too emotional for me, but the feelings came, im still not 100% per cent, but am a lot stronger, I still however have times when i feel, as if im stood in a crowded room, but alone, trying to go forward but looking back,
I have had dreams too vivid dreams, and woke up crying, one of the worst emotions was, my other son Graham, came home one night, he is a lot quieter than Rob, he said to me, mam you are not going to beleive this but i know what i saw, he was walking home with a friend past the cemetry, and he saw Rob walking in there, looking at him, Graham said mam it was him, he was looking at me, he had told his friend said to him can you see that, but his friend saw nothing.
I said to Graham ok, tell me what he was wearing, Graham didnt know what Rob had on the day it happened, he discribed Robs clothes exactly that he had on the day it happened, I froze on the spot, went all tingly, my first instinct was to go out and look for Rob, that he was lost somewhere out there, mixed with feelings that he wasnt here, the most strange feeling i have ever felt, it lasted for 3 days, hence the dreams searching for Rob.
I was never really a big believer in spirits, skeptical about the issue, but i am a witness to things that ive seen and heard in my house, and i can say with out a doubt, Robert is still around, i will, write these experiences, later theres quiet a lot of them, Barb.


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