Quite a few people are wondering about the possibility of an InuYasha Anime.

After the passing of many mant rumours on the subject, It's finally been announced formally that there will be an anime beginning this fall. I'll keep you informed as I leanr new things.
It seems as though this time the animators are trying to stick a bit more to the takahashi style. click here for a sample of the art.

The anime begins this fall (I think) On Japanese TV, 7 pm Mondays.

The seiyuu for Kagome and Inuyasha have been announced! Kagome is being played by Yukino Satsuki. Inuyasha Is being played by Yamaguchi Kappei, he did Ranma. I can't find any non-english voices for these two yet, I'll get some later for you to sample.

Additional info

Info from Shounen Sunday, translated by Chris Rijk at his site.
Excerpt from an article from Animerica, sent in by Lady Bug Chan