Inuyasha being slapped ATG: Hi! This is my little version of 'Dear Abby'. Only you ask the cast of Inu-Yasha. That and I never really answer seriously the questions. but you know.

Please note that everyone is over-characterized!! Don't yell at me... or do I don't really care ^.^

If you have questions for the gang, send them to me at Only the question, please! I like to write out the gang's answer myself ^^;

(Best of Ask the gangs)

Enjoy this final edition of ATG!
    Dear Kiara,
      Meowth has admired you for so long now....& meowth would like to know..if you'd be my wife? *gives Kiara a gold bracelet with studded with diamonds* Please my sweet? *gets whaped by Jessie & James then carried off to TR headquarters* Meoooooooowwwwwwwwth!!!
        Team Rocket's Meowth

Kirara: Mew!
Sango: Who is Kiara?
Kirara: Mew!!!
Sango: No Kirara's here... Ok well, I'm sure whoever you mean doesn't even know who you are.
Kirara: Mew!!

    Dear Inu-Yasha Gang,
      If you guys were to have one wish come true, what would you wish for??
Inuyasha: I would wish for-
Sesshoumaru: Like duh, they were so totally not talking to you, mr self-absorment!
Sesshoumaru: Like I would like have like a life supply of like... coer girl cosmetics, because cover girl is easy and breasy.
Kagome: They have cover girl in feudal japan?
Sesshoumaru: It doesn't matter...

    Dear gang
      I`d like to apologise for my girlfriend`s lunatic ramblings about Sesshoumaru and the macarena. I swear she can be soooo idiotic sometimes, like her idiotic signature, like, piggy? What piggy? And I`d also want to make one thing clear, I AM NOT IN LOVE WITH SESSHOUMARU! Geez!!!!! But I did decide to devote my life in protecting Sess-honey from my crazy girlfriend, I think she made a date board out of his picture!
        Love Bob (I am not an idiot)
Inuyasha: Oh really?
Sessh: Like, what's so unnatractive about me!? Stop making fun of me! Waaaaaaaah! *storms away*
Miroku: hmm... I wonder what exactly is a date board?.

    Hi everyone!
      I have 3 questions to ask you guys, firstly, Miroku, why didn`t you take up Koharu`s offer to bear your child? She seems to be the only one who`s willing. Secondly, Kimiki, who is your favourite character in `Inuyasha`? lastly, everybody, what do you appreciate more in Kagome, her ability to see the shikon jewel shards or the food she brings to feed you guys (I noticed that you eat snakes and lizards when she`s not around). Oh, and Shippou, you look real cute when you sleep, you drool!
        Love T.G.

Miroku: I would love to take up Koharu's offer... but I think Inuyasha would kill me.
Inuyasha: This is true.
Kagome: Is she even child-bearing age yet?
Kimiki: I like Kagura and Juuroumaru!
Kagura: Wow, I have fans!
Kimiki: Yay Kagura! *waves a little red flag*
Kagome: You're communist?
Inuyasha: Lizards aren't that bad...

The End(Forever! I suck)