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Awards for you: I realized the other day that there really aren't many Iy website awards out there. So I started my own! Who knows, maybe I'll start a fad! Maybe... Anyways, If you want to see if your site is worthy, fill out the form below (by the way, if you win, you'll have several award graphics to choose from... they don't all look like that one! I even have a Sesshoumaru one for all you fluffy-fanatics).

I have no rules, just 1) No porn sites. 2) It has to be a 100% Inuyasha site. 3) I have to like it.

If you win, you will get... 1)An email from me full of ego-stroking. and 2) A nifty award image of your choice from my collection of images. and sometimes, if you have something in mind, I'll give you a congrats present.

See a list of the winner's sites!

The Application Form:

Whats the adress to your site? (Please double-check this to make sure it's correct!)

What's your site's title?

Is there anything you'd like as a prize? (Don't say 'money' or anything... things for your website!)

If you lose, would you like me to send you an email giving you tips on how to make your site better?

How long have you had your site?

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