waaah Ahhh... I hate saying this, but I've decided to put IDL on hiatus.

This is not because I dislike IDL, It's not because I'm suffering any sort of personal Depression, It's not because I don't like Inuyasha anymore... I just have completely lost interest in this page and It's become more of a chore to update than anything else. I don't understand why this is myself. Nothings really changed, I still like Inuyasha and I still like websites and like I said before, I'm very proud of how well recieved and popular IDL has become (reaching over 150 hits a day lately! A very big number for an amateur like me who's used to maybe 10 or 20 hits a day).In fact I almost feel a little guilty dropping this site since It's been so well recieved!

Now I'm not sure how long this will last... Maybe a month from now I'll suddenly feel the urge to pick this site up again Maybe I'll never feel that urge. But just incase I will leave this site open, I just won't update it anymore.

Please don't bother emailing me about this or anything... my mind is made up! I've been considering this for a while now...

The voting booth and message board and all of that sort of thing will remain open.

I am also considering tearing this down and rebuilding it as an Inuyasha Website Review Page, offering monthly reviews of IY websites, as well as a few other things. If you like this idea, go tell me via email or my message board.

So... baibai!