Please Help This Man

In my opinion, the writer of Citizens for the 10 Commandments is the most insane, biggoted, horrible, hatred-filled person to ever be created.

I suggest you go laugh at the site above before or after reading this article. You'll have the laugh of your life. I'm almost wondering if this site is serious or not!

I stumbled across this site through alink in a message Board I talk on, and was absolutely overcome with... shock I guess. This guy is completely insane! I searched for a message board, a Guestbook, an email adress... anything to talk to him via, but no luck. so, I'll vent here. You should come and see this site anyways, It's amazing! I'm going to pull out some of my favourite quotes from this site for you, as a preview.

"God has preset the standard of righteousness. He has said women are unequal to men (1 Peter 3:7). He has said homosexuality is contrary to what the Bible teaches and is an abomination to God (1 Timothy 1:10). He has told us He created the world (Genesis 1:1) and all of mankind (Genesis 1:27). He has told us that those who deny His existence are FOOLS (Psalms 14:1)."
Now here's a guy who has no friends.

"But atheists say, " GOD DOES NOT EXIST." Thus such preset truths and standards set by God, in their eyes are obsolete. Since God "does not exist", things which God condemns, in their eyes such things become tolerable."
This is the biggest crap I've ever heard. I personally do not beleive in God, but that's not to say that because of this I've decided that all christian principles like not murdering people is wrong, and that it's fine to kill people. If I like red and my friend likes blue, that doesn't mean we can't both like peaches.

"Instead of acknowledging that God created man, they theorize that man evolved from the ape or from some ancient amphibians in the ocean."
Yup, all of those bones and fossils and artifacts and cave-art... all a big theory!

"If Christians are so wrong and foolish like you say, then by what law are they wrong? If you say common sense, isnít that suggestive of a set truth? If all of us evolved, then why is common sense the exact same for everyone, even among blacks and whites? What makes the law you judge Christians by so universally right? How can you be sure it is right? "
How can you be sure you're right? Has god come to you personally and said "Hi, I exist, and this is the way everything is". No. You beleive it to be the truth based on a very abstract idea, the bible. At least aetheists have a concrete idea, Science, to back them up. They know no more than you do, like you, they only believe to the point of knoledge.

"How can you say Christianity is bad and murderous when at the same time say it has the right to existence? Explain how something bad, wrong and injurious should still be granted constitutional protection, according to atheist logic."
While few Aetheists feel Christianity is bad and murderous, even then at least they are tolerant of your right to your own opinions, unlike yourself!

"You say you do not believe God exist because their is no proof that God exist. Why do you always fail to say that there is no proof that God does not exist?"
It's called science.

" Prove that you are not performing the devilís will without saying that the devil doesnít exist. "
That is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. How can someone worship Satan when they don't beleive in him?

"Clearly teach me how natural selection among apes straightened their backs up and transformed their hand-like feet into human feet. If natural selection brought us to our intellectual stage today, then donít you think it makes a lot of sense for homosexuals to be banished since they are not advancing the evolutionary process? Does it make sense for us to teach our children to use natural selection (about like racism) when they marry so that we can advance on to more sophisticated forms?"
Natural Selection, since you obviously have no idea, Is the fact that if an animal has a trait that is harmfull to it, it will die, being easy prey for predators. Also, it means that an animal with a desirable trait will outlive others without the trait because they are more difficult to be caught by prey. Natural Selection proves Evolution. It's only common sense. Because, if the undesirable animal dies quickly, it will have no time to procreate. However, the animal with the desirable trait will procreate alot, even more than those without the desirable trait but with no undesirable trait. probably somewhere like 50% of these offspring will have this trait. these offspring will live longer and create more offspring, untill soon the entire species has the desirable trait. this species has adapted, and alot of adaptions equal evolution. So. If an Ape developed a more straight back, suddenly he can get around faster and dodge prey more quickly. He survives and has more straight-backed children. as for feet, we no longer needed the thumbs. they probably got in the way. So, our feet slowly were naturally selected to their shape. I don't see how homosexuals are not advancing the evolutionary process. Since when does loving people of the same gender make you easier prey? Also, because somebody beleives in natural selection does not mean we decide that it's Okay for weaker humans to be killed, or for people to be bred like cattle so we can be better. Natural selection doesn't apply so much to Humans now, since we've evolved so well.How's that answer?

"Refute the fact that free-thought in children makes them spiteful to their Christian parents"
Any parent who hates their kid because they have their own brain and aren't little robots are horrible people!

"Explain how being pro-choice, for free-thought, and for freedom of beliefs does not also entail accepting and tolerating the belief of racism. Donít this suggest that atheism is pro-racism?"
An Aethist will beleive it is fine, that someone has the right to beleive in racism. They won;t, however, beleive it's fine for them to go around murdering black people because they are rasict (or for any other reason)

"Give me the number of lives which atheism will save from hell."
A: Aethists do not beleive in hell, so why do they care? B: Give me the number of lives you're saving from hell by offending everyone on the planet?

"Refute the fact that women in inappropriate occupations such as the military, some government offices, etc. has opened them to anti-God acts of abuse such as rape, and sexual harassments."
So you're saying that rape suddenly cropped up as the result of women getting empowered? Or that rape is suitable punishment? Or are you saying that sleeping in your own bed at night is Anti-God, since many women have been raped by intruders while sleeping in their own beds?

"Explain how the students in a public school will be wrongly mentally and/or physically harmed if the acceptance and practice of the Ten Commandments was established. Do not exceed 100 words."
Okay. You're smothering them and forcing your religion on those who do not beleive in it.

"Explain the sanity and sophistication of denying Godís existence and calling those who believe in His existence, fools , while at the same time probing space to see if other intelligent life forms exist, and even believe that they do exist. Do not use the words "maybe", "could be" nor any other similar meaning words."
Okay, then, Explain how you can eat bread and then say you beleive in god! Or how you say your favorite colour is red but you eat carrots!

"Are atheists "unable" to realize God exists and that the Bible is right because they are on a lower evolutionary scale than Christians? Explain your answer."
Are Christians "unable" to realize Nirvana exists and that Buddha is right because they are on a lower evolutionary scale than Buddhists? Explain your answer.

"If you are a pacifistic atheist, explain what atheists would do if they operated a society and suddenly a Christian nation started an invasion into that nation."
It sounds like an Aetheist Tibet and Christian China situation to me. They would quietly keep their faith in Aetheism while not resorting to violence. It can happen. Haven't you seen what the buddhist monks in Tibet have been put through, and still no violent reaction from them?

"Give reasons why atheists never speak negatively against Allah, the Moslem god, Buddha, and other religions. Why do atheists only spend time mostly condemning Christianity when they claim that ALL religion is "bad?""
Aetheism does not mean they think all other religions are bad like you do. Aetheism beleives that there is no god, plain and simple as that. Perhaps the only reason they focus upon christians is that Christians preach them so much. I have never been preached by a Moslem or a Buddhist before!

"You say some people act righteously because they hear about the "mythical" place of hell which punishes those who act wrongly. Supposing hell didnít exists, which is better? To abstain from murder, because you fear you will go to hell for it, or to think that hell doesnít exists, and then go ahead and murder? If you say the later, prove that atheism doesnít have the tendency to free peopleís conscience in heinous crimes."
If you need Hell to tell you that killing is wrong and to worry your conscious about it, you need alot of psychiatric help.

" Explain you atheists, why you want to incarcerate people for committing "violence" to animals when you do not even have enough space in prison for all the violence people inflict upon others. "
Well okay, you got me there! I guess it's okay to be a sick freak and mutlilate and beat animals, because our prisons are full already.

"It is then true that atheists may live more moral than such false Christians (who are virtually atheists themselves), but do atheists live more moral lives than TRUE CHRISTIANS? Can an atheists EVEN lead a moral life? The answer to both of these questions is a flat "NO!" No, an atheist CANNOT lead a moral life. First of all, their mere POSITION as an atheist is IMMORAL. Far from an alternative belief and lifestyle, atheism denies the existence of ONE whom it VERY WELL KNOWS."
Gather, children. Wondering what a biggot is? Here is the most biggoted phrase I've ever read...

"Atheism claims to be indifferent to God. This proves it is satanic. Atheism must either be serving God or serving satan. If atheism truly served God, it would not hide it, but since atheism says it is not worship to God, it proves to be worship to satan."
Well then. As I do not beleive in God, I must, by your standards, worship and be controlled by Satan. If Satan controls me, why am I not killing people? Satan must be a pretty nice guy.

"In responce to this page...
Well, that about sums up every single person I know who is Aetheist all right. Yeah, that's them/us (depending on your view of what Aetheism is). You've chosen the best christian 9what you see as best anyways), and the worst Aetheist (well, not a good one at least), and decided all christains are James and all Aetheists and Brian. That's it, you got me.

"Atheists wish to live like animals, and even less. They want no moral concerns, - well at least no moral concerns that do not give them an earthly gain. Atheists see no evil, speak no evil and do not hear any evil. They wish to live lower than even the most degrading animals."
What a horrible, uneducated, biased thing to say...

"And it is overdue time for every genuine Christian in America to stand up against the malicious tide of atheism. "
Just what we need.... any stupid 'Holy' war.
"Some atheists say that I should respect their religion just as they respect mine. But let me state this. ATHEISTS DO NOT RESPECT MY BELIEF EITHER. Here is the proof: If they REALLY respected my intolerant belief, they would not condemn me for NOT respecting their belief."
Advice is hardly condemnation.

"theists who call true Christians fools, become "guilty enough to go into the hell of fire" because they had no good cause to call true Christians fools."
I see no good reason to call true good Christians fools either. You, however, are defenitely very far from a good true christian.

There's a hell of a lot more than this, but I think I'll end with the Anti-Aetheism part since it couldtake ages for me to go through the entire bunch of this crap. So, go read and laugh, laugh, laugh.

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