Rage and The Long Walk

In my honest opinion, Rage and The Long Walk must be two of Stephen King's best masterpeices.

Recently for my birthday I got a book titled 'The Bachman Books', containing four of the five books Stephen King wrote under the pseudonym Richard Bachman. Just recently I finished the first two in the set, Rage and The Long Walk.

These are very very good books that I would recommend to ANYONE. Even if you're paranoied and you don't want to read Stephen King because you think it's going to be too scary, I assure you you're wrong about these two. They're more psychological books then thrillery suspency books. I don't like his 'scary' books anyways because they're so cliche and boring...

Rage is about a slightly off his rocker teen who gets pushed too far by his condescending councelors and takes his math class hostage after shooting the teacher to death, and a few other teachery people before everyone evacuates. It's really amazing how at first you think this guy is completely insane, and he's taking his sane math class hostage, but then by the end it sort of twists so that you see that all the students have their little dark underbellies and that they're all sane, esspecially the main character.

The Long Walk is about this odd odd odd little sport competition where 100 boys walk nonstop at a minimum pace of 4 miles and hour. If you drop slower than the pace 4 times you get shot, and the race keeps going untill only one person is left alive, and that person gets everything he wants as his prize. At first everyone's chummy and confident, but as the book goes on everyone grows and changes alot as people start dying. With every death of one of the more main characters I felt like crying, wich is a great feat because I never cry at books or movies. But I had a lump in my throat for this one several times, because by the time of their death you feel like you know them better than your best friend. Very very very good book. My only complaint is an odd ending that I didn't quite get. I think I'll read the book later when I'm not a naive 16 year old ^^;

The main point: Read these books or else I'll have to rip off your arm and beat you with it. I don't care if you're used to stupid romance novels, READ THESE!!

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