Hollywood girl

In my honest opinion, Hollywood really needs to hire a ditz exterminator.

Have you ever watched late night TV talk shows? of course you have. Have you noticed that all the women that come on are complete ditzes? Okay, maybe all is a bit of an overstatement, but a great majority are complete drivvling idiots. They're all fasion-obbssesed thin women with tiny dresses on, even if they are a bit on the deeper side. Off the top of my head I can only come up with one real women in hollywood: Oprah. I don't care what people say, sure she's corny sometimes but at least she's genuine and she's smart. I can't say that about many actresses.

But how many men do you know who are totally deep and/or funny? I can name like a billion right now. I think it's because the hollywood 'filter' for women is alot tinier than for men. Men have big honking holes in their filter. They can be fat, bald, lanky, whatever the hell they want as long as they can act and/or are funny. But women have these tiny holes where only drop-dead gorgeous women who have fair-enough acting ability can make it, or if they can look pretty for the camera. Of course there's exceptions to each, like Leonardo Dicaprio (I don't care what you say, that man cannot act worth shit) who got in on women standards, and Oprah, who got in on men's standards.

And yet Hollywood massacres the exceptions in women yet embraces the exceptions in men. My dad recently read a tabloid heading of "Oprah gains 37 pounds and DOESN'T CARE!" What's wrong with that? Shouldn't we applaud her? I do! Come on, she's being who she is, isn't that what women should strive for rather than the tiniest waist they could possibly get? I have nothing against the women who diet and excersice to improve their self-confidence, but I think it's the women who succeed in feeling self confident without having to diet and excersice like some kind of slave should be applauded. Life is too short. If you hate excersicing and you aren't so overweight it's a medical problem, don't waste your time. Do something you like instead. Help people instead even, be constructive with your time.

Hollywood also kills people for being underweight. They do, take Callisa flockhart (who is also pretty ditzy but I need an example). She does not have annorexia. I wish people would try to be a little more sensitive about underweight people, at least equally as sensitive about overweight people. I may be a little biased on this opinion because I myself am about 20 pounds under the 'normal' weight standard for 16, and the next time someones says 'Gee, you're really really skinny' I think I may be forced to rip out their heart with my bare hands and stomp on it while they die. It just pisses me off like you wouldn't beleive when peole take the attitude that It's my fault that I'm so skinny. It's Callista's fault, she must be anorexic, that could never happen naturally. I recently saw this actress on Conan Obrian who EATS WHAT SHE WANTS TO. Doughnuts, Pizza, Cake whatever the hell she wants. She has that weight naturally (of course she must work out to stay toned though). That's how it should be. If your naturally thin and stuff, great. If you aren't, that should be great too. I wish that the talent of looking good were placed equal with the talent of being funny, artistic, kind, etc etc for women.

Another totally unrelated point, alot of people are going on health-diets. Like this book, diets for blood types, where such and such blood type shouldn't eat this this or this. And people are totally going without wheat, corn, cheese, milk, sugar...just because it'll make them live a little longer. The usual quantity over quality choice as I see it. Personally, I have an accual DISEASE where if I eat anything with wheat in it, the hairs that remove nutrients in my intestines get ripped out. And I'll tell you, it hurts like a bitch. So when people say ' Oh you know, I don't eat wheat either because this book I read said that it's healthier for type O blood people not to', they might as well rip out my eyeballs and shove them down my throat. IF YOU CAN EAT SOMETHING GLORIOUSLY TASTEY, EAT IT! You have no idea how disgusting rice crackers are after eating them as much as I have. Rice pasta is Okay but nothing beats real spaghetti. What I woulnd't give to take a good bite out of a Pizza hut pizza slice, with the bloated crust and all the slimy grease... Or even a McDonalds hamburger once in a while. But I don't because I just don't want to risk losing anymore weight because there are no hairs to pick up the nutrients. But yet some people will give all that up because it adds five years to their life? Are you that afraid of death?

Another recent thing I have to add is the image women have in hollywood. About 99% of women in hollywood put on the image of the sex-pot. For Christ's sakes... way to help male-chauvenists think of us as something other than objects. Did you guys see the Oscar 2000? I was appauled at what came up the next morning as fashion do's and dont's. They gave that stupid Cameron Diaz a do? That dress was the most disgusting thing I've ever seen. It wasn't even flattering. Incase you didn't see, it was incredibly low-cut, and it had a slit in the front that went up as high as legally possible. The fabris was an ugly off-black, thin, and stuck to her so she might as well have been naked. On the other hand, did you see Wynona Rider? I thought she was probably one of the only good looking ones there. Her dress had minimal cleavage, it was flattering, and she looked very cute. Cute! That's something I think more hollywood women should strive for, nice cuteness. Not bimbo cuteness though. Anyways, also, the actress who won for best actress, I don't know her name, got a don't. I though she looked wonderfull. They complained that her skirt was too poofy, not sexy, and not in style. Oh damn. I thought she looked great. the colour of the dress suited her greatly, even if it wasn't a fashionable colour, and everything else matched up so pretty. Her speech was a little long but at least she wasn't painfull to watch while she was giving it...

And so Go out and eat as much pizza as you want, ladies. We've gone a long way but we've obviously still got a long way to go.

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