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Usually I do an article on one issue, but occasionally I build one out of several issues, basically when the issues are important but not large enough to fill a whole article on their own.

The other day, I saw a very disturbing picture on TV. A so-called christian preist was screaming into a lesbian girl's face "God hates you! You're disgusting! You're going to hell! You're satan's child! God hates you!" Over and over, while the girl sobbed uncontrollably. How can he call himself 'loved by god' when he's terrorizing a young girl heartlessly? It appears a little cruel to me. Even if I was against homosexuality (which I'm not), I would still be pissed off. Isn't there some quote in the bible or something that says 'hate the sin but love the sinner'? That 'preist' didn't seem too love-full to me.

I also saw something on Dateline about how Africa is being ignored while everyone swoons over the tragedy in Kosovo, while in contrast Kosovo is like a stubbed toe while Africa is an amputation without pain killers. Not only are people being killed there by genocide, but children are left to care for their younger siblings after watching their parents being brutally murdered. People are starving to death. They showed one kid who was so emmaciated he/she resembled a spider, with a bulb-like torso and long, thin, muscleless legs. The kid was attempting to walk, but it's legs wouldn't support itself (even though it used a large stick as a cane) and they were wobbly and bending... That is one thing I'll remember for the rest of my life. One of my life goals now is that when I'm older to take a visit to a thrid world country and help people out at least a little, a least for a while. Or adopt a bunch of those kids on the commercials. It's sad that horrible things like that should be ignored. It's not new, it's been happening for years now.

Why is it that all 90's fashions are just regurgitated old fads given new names? Capri pants? Doesn't anyone remember flood pants? And 'flares'? Bell bottoms! The skirt over pants thing, as stupid as it is, was present late 80's. (Although skirt over pants can look good sometimes, just not when it's good according to fasion). If you're going to decide what every teen girl is going to wear selflessly, at least give them something sensible and original. They are in your hands! But then the original ideas are even dumber. I went to the mall the other day and they were selling sleeves. No shirt, just the sleeves. And the sleeves were more expensive then the whole shirt would be. Doesn't anyone else see this as a rip off? Worst yet, the cool thing to match them with is a tiny tube top. Ahhhhhh! Tube tops are for whores! At least make them hit the waistline for gods sakes! Stupid fads. I have to shop mens now for pants because all they sell for women is flares, heart shaped pants (what they call 'tapered leg') and cargo khakis which I already own. No wideleg! Uwahhhh! I just have one thing to say: If stone wash comes back, I'll become homocidal.

Another thing I'm getting pissed off with is the war against being single. Is it so wrong not to date? I haven't started dating yet and some of friends are already having sex regularly (which I find a bit disturbing but it's their lives). On a related note, I've always wanted a relationship with someone impotent, because then it could be real and deep or something. But now Viagra has killed my little fantasy. hate seeth. Oh yes, back to the other topic. I'm completely happy not dating and I don't go out looking for a boyfriend. Occasionally I get lonely but everyone does. Overall I'm perfectly fine. I don't understand this whole 'I'm not acceptible unless I have a boyfriend' routine where girls will start dating a guy when they just learned his first name. Or even worse when people think that persistence will win them their crush. Persistence just smothers them and makes them hate you alot. Grrr. Pathetic freaks!

Also, a bit of a plea, I need a good book to read. does anyone have any suggestions? Please not Stephen King, I've read all stephen King for a year now and I think it's time I started a little variety... also I think Stephen king wrote about 5 good books and that's it.

And a word to the wise, make sure you don't grab the sugar-free box of dilly bars. YACH! I wasted 10 bucks on 6 bars of crap. Blechchch! But I do things like that constantly. Just the other day I bought a really cute cross-stiching kit, opened it up and realized I'd just payed ten bucks for a big chart. Nothing but a chart. No threads or canvas or anything. It wasn't even in colour, the sheet. It had little dots and lines and stuff, so an x meant brown, a hollow circle meant lightbrown, and a darkened circle meant white, etc. There was a legend of like 35 colours too. I was mad untill I saw the bag again, which was clearly marked "Graph only"...

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