Porn Star

In my opinion, pornography is completely disgusting and does not need an awards ceremony.

That's right, there's an awards ceremony for adult videos.

I was listening to the car radio one faithful day when another add for 'Adults Only Video' came on. It went along the lines of : 'Win our contest and you can be a guest at the somethingeth annual Adult Video Awards Ceremony in Vancouver! Just imagine getting to meet all of your favorite actors and actresses from your favorite films!'

Does this seem ridiculous to anyone else? I thought the teen choice awards were stupid, but Adult Video Awards?! (By the way, I can't remember where it was held but Vancouver is the closest big city to this humble little valley) How would you handle something like that!? Award ceremonies (with Muchmusic's exception) are always so formal! How could you have a formal porn awards show? And if they didn't do it formally, then what? Muchmusic does big Dance parties slash concerts. That's thematic. But what would a porn awards show do? A big orgy with a few announcers?!

And what would these 'favorite actresses'(I'm sorry but if your favorite actor works solely in the porn industry, you're a very sad man) wear? Dresses in modern emmies are getting more and more revealing... so what is there for porn actresses to wear? string? Or do they just go nude? Everyone's seen them in the buff before anyways.

And what awards could they possibly give out? 'Best sex scene involving cattle'? I don't even want to think about it... And how creepy would the audience be to go to the 4th annual Porn festival!? I'm sorry but that gives me chills to even think about it... ughrg.

Mmmmm... I hope mom comes home with McDonalds for dinner (hope pray).

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