In my opinion, the world is getting stranger every day.

As a matterof fact, the other day I was on my way home when I saw a police car. Nothing odd... but this particular police car was a punch-buggy. Or a beetle. Or a bug. Whatever! Anyways, ooom! How intimidating! To be pulled over by an ugly little circular car!

But that's just the beginning of the weirrdness! Oh yes!

Okay, my high school has been around for about 30 years or something like it, and is thoroughly decrepid. The fire marshall almost closed it down last year, but the school insisted it would fix the problem areas (it changed like two things). So, after much disccusion, the city decided it would be best to tear down the school and rebuild it.

Instead of rebuilding it on the perfectly good, economical, and very handy spot it's in, their going to build it like a block away from another school... ON A LANDFILL. A brand NEW Landfill, so we can enjoy all the Landfilly scents and the still settling, ever geographically changing ground. And methane emmisions. Mmm mm! What an improvement!

And NOW they're building it with cement! So we're going to be in a big cement block, on a smelly landfill. They're one step away from barring the windows and adressing us by our student numbers rather then our names. Our new school uniform will be either orange overalls or black and white striped. I think I'd rather the fire risk...

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