Kagome in shock Links These are my links. The first couple are related to Inu-Yasha but the rest are just other stuff I enjoy. go on! Oh yeah!

***** : Must see! You're missing out if you don't!
****: Good! Go see!
***: Worth a look!
**: It's okay.
*: It's worth a look if you're bored.

Please note that all of my grading systems aren't by any means scientific, they're only my opinions. So if you have time you should visit all of these. If it's on my list it's at least good!

Inuyasha Links
* * * * *InuYasha, Sengoku o Togi Zoushi Yay! I finally got the title right! *proud* anyways, posts weekly translations of the original japanese manga only a few days after they come out in japan! Way better translations than Viz, I'll tell you! (You don't have any idea how much Viz has butchered- I mean americanized InuYasha before you read these!!)

* * * * *Sengoku Jidai Finally a website to rival mine own! (Kidding, kidding!) Anyways, I love this site! The content is good, the layouts are good, and It's updated more than anyplace else I've seen! Go see go see! It's my favourite!

* * * * *Fluffy The really great Sesshoumaru shrine formally known as S e s s h o u m a r u! It's probably the best of many. Again, even I like it and I don't even really like Sesshoumaru that much. There's tons of cool stuff here!! Go see!

* * * * *White Miasma The best (and the only probably) Naraku Shrine! It's got alot of stuff, and it's really pretty!

* * * * The Oni River Really appealing and frequently updated site. Go see!

* * * * Inu-Yasha's Asylum Here's another great site by my friend Akari! The only gripe I have is it's not that oftenly updated. But, you should go and see see anyways! It's definitely worth it! Lots of good content, simple and quick layout, etc etc, yadda yadda.

* * * *The Temple of Inuyasha An Inuyasha Clique! I joined ^.^ I can't help it!

* * * *IYAA This is a really crisp, nice Inuyasha site. It's so very proffesional looking!

* * *Sailor Bob's Inuyasha Page This site is cute, funny, and entertaining. It's too bad that Sailor Bob can't update alot, but We'll live ^.^

* * *Inu-Yasha Picnic Grounds I think that's the name... anyways, another one of my net friends, Lola's site is very small and un-updated... but... go see anyways, It's still worth a visit, especially if you have the patience that I lack in waiting for updates.

* * * The Blue Palace This used to be my favourite, but two things happened: she stopped updating it, and I found Brandi's site ^.^ It's still cool though!

* * * Shippou's little world Cuuuute! I love this site, which is hosted by Nii-chan and the super-cute Shippou hisself. It's a very friendly site, maybe not the most quickestly updated or efficient but still very cool!

* *InuYasha's Forest Although It's not updated... ever, this was one of the first inuyasha sites I saw. lots of stuff, and probably one of the older IY sites on the net.

*Viz's Inu-Yasha site It kind of sucks but what can you expect, they do have a lot of series to make sites for. Anyways, I thought I'd link them since I'm one of the three sites they link to! Yay! I don't know if that means that my site is good, or if it's just easy to find. oh well, both is desirable I guess. I noticed I was getting alot of hits from their site... I wonder why they linked to me. my site might as well be called "I hate Viz, A donkey could do better translations and movie dubs".

Other Links
* * * * *NeoPets All I must say is that if you don't join this, you're missing out! It's a really fun little cyber-pets community but with alot more than that... it's really addictive, My sister's stuck to it ^.^

* * * * *Otaku World A must-see for any Anime Otaku. Lots of stuff Anime related: Reviews, Anime/Manga list, Games, Freeware, Kissakae Dolls, etc etc etc...

* * * * *Salvador Dali Art Gallery Has ALOT (probably all) of Dali's Paintings, as long as drawings, objects, biography, photos, etc... and I think you can buy stuff from there... but who has the money for that! Not me, I can't afford milk...

* * * * *The Kitty Cam INSANE and CUTE site! Pawpi's so cuuute! It's a web-cam of kitties, two kitties, Pawpi and nadjelene, and with photo sections and other wierd but inexplicably cute pages, like a page about how Nadj likes emails, containing the phrase "She tries to reply but it's hard to type with kitty hands"... gahh!

* * * * *Anime Turnpike Very good for links on all types of websites (including Inu-Yasha websites). If you have an anime/manga website, you might want to consider getting yourself listed here, I get ALOT more hits now that I'm listed.

* * * * *TheWax I love this site, it's just hilarious. My personal favorite is the BugJar, where you can read the dialogue of several chats between Agent 001 and internet idiots.

* * * * *am i normal.com A spin-off site from the Wax, aminormal.com asks a different question every work-day... sometimes very odd and thought provoking ones too. I like to see the responses ^.^

* * * *Anime University A little community of Otaku, with a University theme. It's almost like an RPG, but more like a big message board. It's fun!

* * * *Elfwood A community of Amateur writers and artists of the fantasy/sci-fi genre. Go there to look at other people's art, or start your own gallery! The thing I like about elfwood is that it gives you the opportunity to leave comments on people's artwork. As an artist (I have a gallery) I find this very helpfull!

* * * *Animetric A really cool Animezine, mostly reviews but some other things, like pictures, as well.

* * * *Anime-Next Another great E-zine, with even more to do. I'm actually going to be publishing a monthly manga on there startig september 2000, be sure to check it out!

* * * *Suffer Bastard Don't be foold by all the burning pentacles, this site isn't evil. It's just bitter in a very humourous way.

* * * *Peoples Republica of Johnny Chicken This is one hilariously warped site. the owner has a really unique sense of humour. be sure to read 'Sock monkeys are the solution to y2k' under science.

* * * *Center for the Easily Amused This is a very good humor site to waste your time with. I go everytime I'm extrmely bored and have nothing to do.

* * * *Asleep Girl's Site This is my friend's personal website. Go see her cute artwork and read lots about her, go see!

* * *White Sparrow Manga A small community of Amateur mangaka. I joined ^.^ It's a really cool idea, even if the layouts are bad. Good thing layouts aren't really important!

* * *KimikiTown My home on the web. Come see my other websites, like WHen Telletubbies attack and the such.

* * *Nikaku If I ever go someplace on the web to by Tankoubon for some reason ('m pretty satisfied without them so far), I'd go here. They've got all of the Iy tanks out there last I checked, for a decent price. just make sure you live in the US if you don't want to pay 100$ for stuff (the minimum order for other countries...like me *sob*)

* *Encyclopedia of monsters etc. While doing some reaserch for my current novel, Navi, I came along this site. Wow, what a database! Did you know that there's an actual mythological creature called the barbary lamb, half lamb half vegitable? It apparently grew on trees, stuck to the branch. It would eat all the leaves around it and when he'd eaten them all he'd starve to death because he couldn't move from his branch. Neat!