Madlibs: Hi! Madlibs is a game where you pick a few random words and then plug them into a story afterwards. It's really fun, try it! Just fill out the boxes below and javascripting will plug the words into a story I've pre-created for you, then let you read it.

Your favorite IY character (Kagome, Shippou):
A place (park, forest):
Adjective (Ugly, Cancerous):
Animal (Deer, Duck):
Noun (Garbage bag, cat):
action (bludgeon, kick):
Your Favorite Character's weapon (Tetsusaiga, bow and arrows):
Verb (spit, clean):
Your Least Favorite IY Character (Kikyou, Naraku):
An event (the dog jumping over the rock, the third time the car crashed,):
A Liquid (orange juice, water):
An action (sing, sleep):
An activity (Stay home and sleep, Go to the park):