A photo of myself About Me: Okay... here's a short bit about me. I go by Kimiki on the internet, but my real name is Nicole. I live in BC, Canada, and have since I was probably about...3 or so. Hmm... I'm 17 now, I'll graduate this year (finally!). I have NO career plans (which is bad for a grad...) so far, but I have a feeling it would definitely have to do with art, since it's my biggest hobby. And when you think of it, most of my other hobbies are art related: Making Kiss, Drawing, Colouring, Making Comics, uh... yep those. I also like Music, Reading, and making Websites. I guess I'm a loser because I like to stay at home alot, and be by myself, and I also would rather draw a nice picture than get really stoned/drunk/whatever.. but oh well ^.^ I'm getting bored of this now, so the end!

The Inevitable Favourites List
Colour: Red
Animal: Oh god... don't make me choose! Um... Panda.
Musicians: Bjork, The Trajically Hip, Our Lady Peace, Beck, Chemical Brothers... stuff like that
Songs: "One" by U2 and "Winter" by Vivaldi
Music Video: "Human Behavior" by Bjork
Books: "As Seperate Peace", "Lord of the Flies", "The Long Walk" and "The Rage" by Stephen King, "Terminal Man" by Micheal Chrighton (mispell mispell)
TV: Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher, Oprah, SNL, and Late Night with Conan Obrien
Movies: Kundun, Grave of the Fireflies, 6th sense, American Beauty, Totoro
Manga: Inuyasha!
Anime: Grave of the Fireflies and Dragon Half and Totoro
Author: I don't really have one
Artist: Salvador Dali (Think melting clocks)