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  • Why is Inu-Yasha's Kimono pink? Shouldn't it be black or navy blue or burgandy or something else more fitting?
    Shippou-kun provided this possible explanation for the above paradox:
    "On the viz it's pink, but on the original Japanese, it's red.(why did they change it?)"
    Actually It's pink in the first while of japanese, but Rumiko sanely changed it to red after a while. (I have an image here from the first japanese issue to prove my point)
  • Does everyone have unlimited supplies of the same outfit? Several times Inu-Yasha gets cut up, he bleeds all over his clothes and his clothes get torn... but the next volume they're back to regular.
  • Early in the series, Inu-Yasha states that his kimono is stronger than any suit of armour. But later, it gets torn apart as easily as any other, normal clothing.
    Shippou-kun provided this possible explanation for the above paradox:
    " (I think) It's because the people/youkai are getting stronger as the group goes on.(kinda like Sailormoon, when the senshi keep getting new attacks/powers because the youma get stronger) "
    I'll ignore that sailormoon reference... (I just can't escape my SMCC days!)
    I provided this possible explanation for the above paradox:
    " I was reading over the japanese translations, and Viz mistranslated (again). In japan, his kimono is 'stronger then poor armor' which won't get you too far, but in Viz is 'stronger then any suit of armor' which is a bit of an exageration from the truth I'd say. "
  • How can Inu-Yasha read? Any schooling back then was probably only available to rich kids and certainly not available to youkai! Perhaps his mother was rich, and she home-schooled him or something *shrug*
    Hakyou provided this possible explanation for the above paradox:
    "He's several hundred years old. He had to have learned it at some point. Maybe Kikyo taught him."
    Several hundred years old? I wonder what anti-aging cream he uses...
  • If Miroku is apparently a buddhist monk, then why isn't he chaste (I think that's the adjective for chastity... I hope it's not something else!), and why doesn't he have any problem killing things. In my experiance one of the fundamentals of buddhism is respect for the lives of any other creature that's living. I would say demons count as living...
    Chris Rijk's mailing list provided this possible explanation for the above paradox:
    I don't have any direct quotes, but one person said that only one sect of buddhism (the jairns or something) follow the practise of not killing any living things, and another person said that in buddhism, monks and nuns aren't chaste at all.
    I could be wrong, but I don't think that sounds right. In my studies of buddhism (which is kind o meager, unfortunately... just a little "Understanding Buddhism" book and the Dalai Lama's Autobiography (which has alot to do with buddhism in it), I have found that nuns and monks are chaste, and respect all forms of life. The first idea (the jairns thing) sounded informed, although the nuns and monks being not chaste didn't really, it just sounded like an observation of some not very good monks and nuns! Although, Iy and company have said that Miroku is a rather tainted preist...

    random person provided this possible explanation for the above paradox:

    Miroku is not yet an actual monk yet. He is also a delinquent monk, and I think the only reason he is trying to become one is because he needs a reason to get the hospitality of rich people while traveling, and it gives him a tiny edge over Naraku.
    He isn't a monk?! I thought he was a higher-level monk or a low-level priest or something...

  • How come Inu-Yasha speaks the same sort of Japanese as Kagome? And not the same one as the villagers?

    random person provided this possible explanation for the above paradox:

    Japanese is Japanese *shrugs*
    Actually, not really.... Japanese has alot of different dialects (?) for men, women, children, old-fashioned, modern, etc etc. I'm guessing that he must use modern dialects or something. (I don't know japanese enough to read it straight ^^)
    I was reading the one about how Inu-Yasha doesn't speak the same dialect as the villagers, and you said that there are different types of Japanese spoken by different people. That's true- in this particular series, most all of the characters speak differently. The villagers speak a dialect that would be regarded (in the U.S.) as a deep southern accent, or kind of a hillbilly accent- shippou also talks like this, although Viz fails to show this when they translate it (probably to make Shippou sound smarter, b/c if they made him talk like the villagers, he would sound stupid). Inuyasha's "class" of talking is rude; there are 4 classes- very polite (you would talk to royalty this way), polite (a stranger), informal (your relatives), and rude (people you don't like very much). Inu-yasha speaks this way b/c it makes him sound rougher, but most people wouldn't talk to anyone like that unless they wanted to offend someone. Also, Inu-yasha's mother was noble, so he probably learned the proper way to talk (even though he doesn't speak it), which is probably why he doesn't speak like the villagers as far as dialects go. Okay, you've probably heard enough now on the subject, so I'll close up. I hope that clears some things up for you ^^

    I see... so he doesn't *really* speak modernly, just rudely, right?

  • How come Inu-Yasha can later use the Tetsusaiga without protecting a human?

    random person provided this possible explanation for the above paradox:

    He always is protecting some human or other. Takahashi-sensei can't always have him thinking, "I've got to protect Kagome from this blood-thirsty evil youkai dude!" That would get boring. Plus, with Miroku and Sango joining the group, there are more humans to protect. Also, he might be defending a village or something.
    Sounds reasonable.
  • Where did Inu-Yasha's scabbard come from? Kagome didn't pull any out of that boulder, it just appeared after the fight with SesshouMaru.

    random person provided this possible explanation for the above paradox:

    I guess they just found it lying on the ground or something.
    Probably, but that's strange considering the scabbard is as magical as the tetsusagia.


    • How did kagome get her huge bike through that little well?
      I (so you know this responce is LAW) provided this possible explanation for the above paradox:
      " No explanation, I just thought I'd note that 'little well' isn't exactly the best term you could use. in fact, the well seems to fluctuate in size. But even if she got into the well, How the hell would she get it out? She climbs a vine, right? I don't see and way to climb up a vine WHILE holding a bike. Or riding a bike up a well... "

      random person provided this possible explanation for the above paradox:

      That's easy. Don't put it in flat, put it in vertically, with one wheel down, and one up. (imagine this is a bike: O-O Now, stand the bike up: O | O Like that.) and for getting it UP the well, just get Inu-Yasha to jump down, grab it, and jump back up. Not too hard. It's certainly light enough for him to carry in one hand (see book 3, where Shippou is begging him to go save Kagome from Hiten and Manten).
      So there you have it... but it still doesn't explain how she gets it out all by herself (which she does from time to time)

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