Hallmark Moments: To clear things up before we go, a Hallmark moment is something so unforgettable that it's... unforgettable. The saying (which is largely used by..me...) derived from either a hallmark or kodack commercial ^^. So this could be called 'Kodak Moments' too. But it can't, because I have a kodack moments page. It's basically a visual version of this page. Anyways, InuYasha is full of cool moments. I'll post some here... basically this is a cool quotes and 'remember when' page. *spoiler warning*!!

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From Viz

(From when Inu-Yasha has 'that time of the month'. Not THAT time of the month, when he turns human... for the first time in front of Kagome and them...)
Shippou *digging in IY's hair*: What!? You clipped your ears!
Kagome: What's happened? you look almost human!
IY: Almost!?!?!?
IY(to Kagome): Feh. You are really hopeless. Well, It's none of my buisness. If you think you can handle this without me, go ahead and-
Shippou: Hey. She's been gone a while.
IY: EH!?
IY*looking at Kagome's Math book*: x/2-1 < 3x+5/4? what kind of spell is this?
Kagome: You came to save...
IY: Where's the shikon jewel?!
Kagome: to..save...me?
Kagome: Great timing InuYasha, I wanted to see you!
IY: You...You did?... Not that I care what you think...
Kagome: Of course! He (shippou) can become a bow and... and a snail?
Shippou: *attempting to transform into a bow* I'm a bow, idiot!
Masked monster lady: This body... Not good now...All broken
Grampa: *giving Kagome a present* It's early but..Happy Birthday, Kagome! It's the mummified hand of a Kappa water sprite. the legend holds that whosoever possesses this...
Kagome*feeding the hand to her cat*: Here Buyo, lunch.
Nobunaga: And now that we've rested... Let's go!
Kagome: Huh? Go? But...
IY: Nobunaga...
*nobunaga'went' right off a small cliff*
IY:...you have trouble with cliffs, don't you?
Kagome: Um, may I ask what you're doing?
IY:*holding up a boulder over the well*: hyah...If this..magic well gets plugged up, you'll never get back home, will you? Say goodbye to your--
IY:*stuck to the ground* Gnyaaaarg!
Kagome's friend: Okay, so who's your type, anyways?
Kagome: I dunno... I guess... A guy who's not too wild, not too full og himself, not too angry, not too stuborn, and is ALWAYS understanding. In short, A guy who's exactly the opposite of InuYasha
IY: Feh.
Kaede: Stop moping about, InuYasha! Go gather some rumors about the shikon jewel or something.
IY:*throb throb* Get off my back! It's killing me after kagome's 'rapid fire sits'! You'd better come back to me soon, Kagome. I can't wait to HIT you!
[Rapid fire sits used to be eight sits in a row. Rapid fire sits was how it was put in the original (or at least how Chris translated it ^^;) Anyways, I like rapid fire sits better.]
Kagome: Oh-hoh! Do you smell puppy love?
IY: no, just idiocy.
Kagome:*falls on Tetsusaiga: it just slips out from where it has been stuck all this time*
Everyone: Gwak!
Kagome: I'm sorry! It just slipped out...
Kagome: That one hurt him! Give 'im some more!
IY: Now, listen... that didn't even make him blink, all right!?
Kagome:Well, not yet... but you've got your father's sword, right? C'mon, I beleive in you! Don't you?
IY: Fuh. I wouldn't be so cheerfull if I were you. I'm strong enough to survive his blows, but you'll be JELLY any moment now.
Kagome: You mean, you're giving up? *sob*
IY: (I...I made her cry!?!) STOP that! NOW!
Kagome: Should I be laughing?
IY: Shut up! I meant, let me protect you!
[Kagome didn't say 'should I be laughing?' in viz, she said 'But you said...'. Again, 'Should I be laughing?' is what she said in the original, which is much cleverer that 'Duh, But you said...']
*InuYasha barges into Kagome's house*
Kagome: Inu Yasha?
IY: You... Who told you that you could come trotting home, eh?
Kagome: but how... Where, where did you...
IY: The well, fool! where else!?!
Kagome: The well? but..
Grampa: It's a lie! Those barrier scrolls were passed down from generation through generation in this shrine, and they...
InuYasha*flapping a scroll around*: Scrolls? you mean these scraps of paper? You thought they could stop ME?
Souta: aw, gee gramps...

Kagome's mum: Hold it right there!
IY: why should I?
Kagome: Mom...
Kagome's mom: Your ears...are they real? *feel feel feel*
Souta: Me next! me next!
Kagome: MOM!!
(after inu-yasha lends Kagome his jacket)
Kagome: Thanks...
IY: You'll need it, with skin as weak and frail as yours.
Kagome: You always know just what to say.
IY: tend my wounds!?! You think I need you?
Kagome: drop the attitude. You got HURT in that fight! Now come down!
InuYasha: huh.
Kagome: SIT!
*kaede shows up with a group of children*
Kagome *on InuYasha, trying to 'heal' him.*: Just take off your clothes!
IY: Beg me to!
Kaede: children, close your eyes! Well, I see you two have gotten over your differences.
Kagome: what!?
IY: AAArrrrGGGhhh!
(Inu-Yasha just found out that Kagome was beyond a doubt Kikyou's reincarnation and all of his precious denial has been shattered. His way of coping is to ignore Kagome completely.)
Kagome: How come you always look at me...like you want me?
Inu-Yasha: WHAT!? When did I ever....
Kagome: Ha! You finally looked me in the eye!
Inu-Yasha: uh....
Kagome: You're more like yourself now that you're angry, you know.
Inu-Yasha: Shut up and die! [Okay he didn't tell her to die, but I couldn't help but add the last two words...]
From the original Japanese version
(after Shippou trapped Inu-Yasha to the ground with his funky statue thingy and Kagome and Shippou abandoned Inu-Yasha there.)
Inuyasha: Don't run. Hey! I'm telling you to rip off the ward!!
villager: *run run run* It's a Youkai~

(Inu-Yasha and Kagome are eating in a field, when suddenly a big pink bubble [Shippou] Appears)
Bubble: You have the Shikon no Tama, don't you?
Inu-Yasha: huh!?
Kagome: A youkai?
Bubble: Give it to meeee!
(The bubble starts chewing on Inu-Yasha)
Bubble: I will kill you!

(a bit later, the 'bubble' deflates into Shippou and Inu-Yasha gives him a happy head lump.)
Inu-Yasha: Damn, it's just a disguised young Tanuki (another sort of shapeshifting animal)
Shippou: I'm a Kitsune!!
Kagome(and me, where I in that situation ^^;): Cuuute! et me hug him next, okay!
(Inu-Yasha looks at Kagome oddly)

(Kagome is stolen by a couple of Youkai, so in order to save herself...)
Kagome: If you killed me or something, then...
Manten(demon1): If I killed you or something then...?
Kagome:Uh.... Then you'll screw up your chances of getting the Shikon jewel!
Manten: What?!
Kagome:Do you guys know of Inu-Yasha? He's pretty strong, you see...
Hiten(other demon guy): he's strong? Isn't he that Half-youkai guy?
Kagome: He is strong, because he's already collected most of the Shikon fragments
Hiten and Manten: What?
Kagome: *thinks: Allright! I have their full attention!*
Hiten: You'd better not be lying.
Kagome: heh....The thing is, Inu-Yasha's in love with me! If you say you'll exchange me, he should hand over the shikon fragments!
Manten: Hiten, she's obviously lying.
Hiten: I may beleive it.*grabs Kagome* Girl! You'll show us where that scum Inu-Yasha or whatever's place is!
(Later, when they catch up to Inu-Yasha)
Hiten: Is it you? Inu-Yasha or whatever?
Myouga: Inu-Yasha! It's the elder Lightning brother, Hiten!
Shippou: Hey! What have you done with Kagome?
Hiten: Heh, don't worry. I haven't eaten a single finger yet. Manten!
Manten: Yoohoo!
Inu-Yasha: Kagome!
Hiten: Hmm, By that face, it seems Kagome was accually telling the truth after all. Hand over the shikon fragments if you want to save your beloved woman!
Inu-Yasha *stunned*: Beloved...? What beloved woman? Who?
Kagome: What are you being shy for!?
Manten: Bitch, you lied after all!
Kagome: Eheh... *tries to look cute*

Inu-Yasha: *give Kagome hid coat* They're woven from the fur of a fire mouse and are stronger then poor armor.
Kagome: Than...Thankyou...
Inu-Yasha: It's just because your skin seems so awfully weak.
Kagome: You're the one who's strange.

Jaken: Wouldn't Inu-Yasha know of where the tomb is?
SesshouMaru: ... Inu-Yasha... *pushes Jaken out of the boat*
Jaken: Bwa!
Sesshou: You made me think of thatdisgusting Half-Youkai thing.
Jaken: Agh, I beg forgiveness!

Sesshou: Inu-Yasha, you're well suited to hang around with humans. (His big insult...)


Kagome: *all threatening* I'm going to make you regret that! Prepare yourself! *turns and hands the tetsusaiga to Inu-Yasha* *happily* Here! Inu-Yasha: uh....

Myouga: Inu-Yasha! You must beleive in your swords power! Never abandon it! Okay then, I'm off! *bounces away and out of danger*
Inu-Yasha: You bastard!