About Rumiko

You might be interested to know more about the creator, artist and writer of this series (and many other good manga), Rumiko Takahashi. Since I'm too lazy to go do reaserch, I'm just going to use the information from the back of the Viz Graphic Novels. Bwahaha.

Takahashi Rumiko was born october 10 1957, in Niigata, Japan. I heard she never drew much as a child, can you believe it! Not fair... Anyways, she went to a women's college, I believe for manga, and even won an award for the best New Comic Artist of the year in 1978. Her first (i believe) manga was Lum, which was very popular. Other titles she's written have been Maison Ikkoku, the Mermaid Saga and One Pound Gospel. But she's probably best known for the comic she wrote just before beginning Inuyasha, Ranma half. Rumiko is one of the worlds more well known and respected manga artists, and she's sold over 100,000,000 compiled works! She was once the 5th richest person in Japan (I think she might be higher or lower by now) but through her fame she stays pretty shy and humble. She complains she has little time for fun (I guess shelling out 17 pages of really good comic every week would do that), but I think she likes Video Games. I heard that somewhere. Wow, this is really well researched...