Kagome in front of a pretty... temple?

Survey: Nobody's perfect, and so nobody's website is perfect. not even mine! How amazing! But anyways, since most people are too lazy to email me, and there are specific things I would like to know, the most effecient way to collect feedback is through a visitor survey. Please fill out the form below (all parts are optional) and hit send. This will redirect you to a little Freedback page, telling you it worked.

Newest questions are noted by **. If you have already filled this form out, please just fill these ones out at least ^.^

The Survey!

What were your favorite pages?
What would you like to see more of?
**How do you like the new layout?
  Perfect! I love it!
  Too boring, I want more colours and images!
  Too many HTML mistakes ; flawed in design
  Too monotonous... you should have lots of different layouts instead of one.

**Is the new layout better than the last one?
  Yeah, I like it alot more
  I like them both the same
  I liked the last one better
  I haven't seen the last layout.

What character would you like to see next time on the monthly character gallery?

Who would you like to see me doing my next Kiss doll of?

how did you get here?
  A search engine
  A link from another page
  From the Big Kiss Page
  From the Webring
  I have you bookmarked
  Other means

What parts of my site do you feel need improvment? (choose as many as you wish)
  The layouts aren't good enough
  There's not enough to do/interactivity
  You need to be more informative
  You aren't funny enough
  I love everything!

From 1 to 5, how do you like my site?

Have you ever had a wierd dream involving InuYasha? If so, please write it down below... (for my upcoming "iy dreams" page!)

What are your thoughts, suggestions, and critisisms for my site?

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