Miroku Propositioning Kagome

Transparent Gifs: Transparent gifs are images that are specially made so that they're... transparent around the background. They're nice for backgrounds, and lots of other stuff. Here is my small collection. I made most of these myself.

Inuyasha looking... tired?
Inuyasha's Mummy
Kagome holding her bow and arrows
Nazuna Falling
Inuyasha sitting with Kagome (for white bgs)
Kikyou aiming her arrow
Kagome looking defensive
Sango, casually dressed
A Shini-Dama-chuu
Little sitting Shippou
Big balloon shippou
Princess holding a teapot
Inuyasha ready to lunge
Shippou climbing
Kirara, big-kitty mode
Inuyasha and Kagome interrupted
Inuyasha going "pwik"
Inuyasha acting aloof
Kagome riding Inuyasha (not that way, sickos!)
Inuyasha pouting (cute!)
Kagome dressed as Kikyou
Litte angry Kagome
Inuyasha sitting in big hands
Inuyasha on a log
Kagome shouting
Shippou enjoying a fruit-drop
Shippou, all huffy-puffy
Pink puffalump Shippou
Little Shippou digging
Seasick Shippou
Inuyasha speaking over his shoulder
Shippou leaning in with interest
Shippou, coloured
Inuyasha, coloured
Inuyasha ready to jump again
Cute sitting Kagome
Standing Kagome
Shippou transforming
Kagome drinking innocently
Kagura holding up her fan
Souta eating chips
Shippou hiding behind Kagome
Little Myouga
Sesshoumaru lookig very girly
little Kagura
Inuyasha leaping
Shippou in front of a cresent moon
Kikyou looking sad
Big wolf monster