Viz Sucks and Why

Although Viz does a very good job translating compared to some (I've seen WAY worse... you shoulda seen what DiC did to Sailormoon!!! AAAAArrrrrGGGGGhhhh!), They do change some things that kinda pisses me off. Like, for instance, why can we see Kagome completely naked, yet InuYasha can't *god forbid* SWEAR! *shock fright*. And what the HELL is 'feh'?

First of all, the swearing. Originally, Rumiko made InuYasha swear alot, wich comes out well, and makes him seem even more arrogant and abrasive. But in Viz, the worst thing he ever says is 'wench'. Would it hurt him to call Kagome a bitch, rather than an idiot, just once?
The 'feh' thing. What is 'feh'? Chris translates it as 'bah' (which is my favorite), and in Japan the accual phrase is 'ke' or something close. I kind of like ke. I'll have to say ke more often so people will be like 'what the hell!?'
In Japan, Inu-Yasha is left-handed, which for some reason seems to be more fitting and masculine. But since Viz has to flip the images for western readers to understand (books are read backwards in japan), he comes off right handed. Not really a gripe, I mean they can't help it, but it's just...too bad. Although, you'd think they could get used to this... they get left anf right screwed up ALOT. (like Miroku's Air rip and Inu-Yasha's eye)
Inu-Yasha and others say alot of really gay, out of place things in Viz. 'My body is special'? Couldn't they have translated that a little better? They've made Kagome say "Later, dude" instead of "'bye".
In the last issue of Viz I bought, Kagome said 'we still have 4 more shards to find!' or something close. But later they find alot more than four... ah.... why did they pop that in there!?!
The covers suck alot of the times, and they don't show the mini-covers Rumiko draws for the title pages in Shonen Sunday near the beggining. They're very pretty!!

That's all I can complain about just yet ^^;;