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Hello! Most Website Maker usually have alot of ideas for their site floating around in their heads all the time. Most of us (well me at least) forget about them, or dismiss them because they'd be too much work and might not gain any popularity. So, Here I'm stealing Brandi of Sengoku Jidai's idea and putting up my own Wish List (I can't remember what she called hers), but taking it a step farther and letting you vote to tell me what I should bother doing. First I'll describe the pages in my head, and then you can vote.

InuYasha Club: I think this would be a fun one. I would put up monthly contests, a newsletter, games, rings, a pen pal service, everything I can think of. I might even go so far as to create some sort of hierarchy (president, vice-president, etc) but that might be kind of pointless, so I probably wouldn't. Anyways, I want to because in my experiance fanclubs are very succesfull, but the only other one online I could find was very useless, it was only a ring! So... oh well. But anyways, this idea is on hiatus (I'm cautious about all the work it would take!) so um, it's not on the list yet.

InuYasha Dreams: I was suprised when I asked the question in my voting booth 'Do you ever have dreams involving Inu-Yasha?' and the majority said either once or twice or all the time! That got me thinking, what are these dreams about? I had one before, it wasn't really centered around iy but there was iy in it. Some person said they were looking forward to when the third Inuyasha graphic novel came out, and I thought 'what is she talking about, they have it out already'. That's not interesting, so I would need your dreams!! So, check the box off if you want to see this page and or if you would contribute a dream or two. If you have dreams, please send them to my email at kimikiness@yahoo.com because I need some dreams to start it off with.

My own IY Reviews: I would put this in the Interviews and Reviews page in Learn, but basically I would do a short review of the Graphic Novels (the only IY merchandise I buy). Nothing to extraordinary!

Write Along Final Chapter: I was thinking that I should maybe do something special with the final chapters of my write-along fanfictions. When the next chapter will be the end, I'm thinking I'll wait 2 weeks for everyone to send in an ending, and then chose the one I like best, and maybe a second place and or an honourable mention ending too. If you think this is a cool idea, check off the final chapter contest thingy. I also think that for two weeks after maybe I'll hold another contest for a title graphic for that story (in the meantime I'll be starting the next story of course). If you think that sounds cool too, check of the title image contest thingy.

Top 10 Lists: I think this is a cool idea, I'll probably do it soon regardless of the vote counts. Basically, Inu-yasha related leno top ten lists. like "Top ten ways to know when Sesshoumaru's coming" and stuff like that.

Now that you've read about the pages, please select up to 3 of the following that you would like to see and would participate in
W.A. final chapter contest
W.A. title image contest
IY Dreams Page
My Reviews of IY
Top 10 Lists

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