The great Wumpus hunt.

Cave Number:
You hear bats.
You feel a draft.
You smell a wumpus.
Tunnels lead to:

Hi! This is the Wumpus game! You're Kikyou (before dying), and a beast called a wumpus has infested a cave. These Wumpuses are very dangerous and have killed several villagers in nearby villages. You're wandering around inside a cave armed only with your arrows, trying to find and kill all the wumpuses you can.

How to play:
You start of at the entrance of a cave, looking into three tunells, each of which are numbered. click 'go' under the tunnel you want to go to.
If one or more of the checkboxes have been selected, it means that something is lurking in one of the three tunnels. If 'you feel a draft' is selected, that means that one of the tunnels contains a pit, wich you will fall into and die. If 'you hear bats' is selected, than one of the tunnels contains a swarm of bats, which will carry you to another location in the cave. If 'you smell a wumpus' is selected, the Wumpus is lurking in one of the caves.
If you smell a wumpus, you have to try to shoot it. To shoot an arrow inside one of the tunels, press the shoot button below it. It will either hit nothing, in which case the wumpus isn't there, hit the wumpus and kill it, or the wumpus will dodge the arrow. If he dodges the arrow, than he'll immediately run away and into another cave. If you bump the wumpus, It means he ran into you while running out of the tunnel. He might also get angry and eat you when you miss him.

See how many Wumpi you can exterminate before being swallowed up! My high is 15. You? (Keep count yourself: the game won't). Gambarimasu!