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Cornelia is our second highest sounding instrument. The flute which she plays with engraving deep hearted virtuosity.

Sample 2
Sample 3
Alin-piccolo soloist. At once left the goal keep of a professional soccer team to lead the Team of wind instruments, winning also a vast experience of touring: world wide… but of course. I am still learning from this man about the unique personality that piccolo has. Use your ears and please feel free to send him or offer him a good word. Will he write back?

Sample 1
Gica is the strong silent type; As a windy night mostly presence prays for pleasure. In "Lucia" Donizetti, Gica solo's along with the Soprano, Perfect, live and Rare moments in Purple concert light.
Sample 4

Oboe: Ion the ominous voice of the more quite cusp of destiny windy gust all in all yin yang. Here is where the grand staff balances off, Us!

Oh waves oh wind
Oh wind oh waves
Clarinets make me feel this way. Very important business hint.
Sample 5  Sample 6
Zoli a valuable right wing in the
orchestral ring witch marks the very
personality looming large in
the orchestral legend.

Transferring the authority that Zoli's father Hellaciously suspends from heavenly generations to Cezar BC/AD where I think all times becomes omnipresent. I pray you love remembers Cezar lived in that time.
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