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Joseph Richard
Webmaster: 18th Louisiana Infantry Regiment
28th Thomas' Louisiana Infantry Regiment

Joe Richard was born February 9, 1944 as the third of five children born to Sidney and Lucy (Hebert) Richard of Eunice, Louisiana. He attended Eunice High School and graduated in the top 10% of his class. After serving four years in the United States Air Force as a weather observer, he met and married the former Miss Carol S. Fuselier of Basile, Louisiana.

He then attended college and attained an Associate Degree in Commercial Art from Delgado College in New Olreans in 1969.

After graduation, he worked for a large national retail firm in advertising for 20 years. After spending another couple of years heading a retail display department for the same company, he left the company and went out on his own. He was involved in Mardi Gras art and design for some time and then went into the Casino business when Louisiana started the modern gaming industry.

His mother spiked his interest in the American Civil War by presenting him with a headstone etching of a Louisiana Civil War soldier, Paul Augustine Hebert, Pvt., Co. A., 28th Thomas' Louisiana Infantry Regiment (Volunteers), his maternal Great grandfather, when he undertook doing the family tree. Paul Hebert served at the Battle of Vicksburg.

This etching led him to began researching this regiment and a companion regiment, the 18th Louisiana Infantry Regiment (Volunteers) in which his Great great grandfather, Placide Fabien Richard had serve at the Battle of Shiloh. After spending a couple of years researching these regiments, he decided to place his finding on the internet and use this as a springboard to assimilate information with regards to the men who served in these historic regiments.

Joe currently resides in the suburbs of New Orleans with his wife and three house cats. His only son recently married and he and his new bride currently resides in Texas, attending anesthesia school.

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