Augustin Roger

Pvt., Co. I. and H.


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...Flag design is based on a small torn section of the regimental battle flag which is on display in the Confederate Museum, New Orleans, Louisiana. May 19, 1865. When the 18th Regiment was disbanded the flag was torn into ten pieces and a piece given to each of the ten company commanders. (Placement of Battle Inscriptions is specualtive and based on similar Confederate battle flags of the same period.)

IMAGE of Augustin Roger

Augustin Roger,
Pvt., Co. I., H.

Image of Augustin Roger taken about 1880 at an advanced age.


Augustin Roger

Pvt., Co. I., H.


~ Military Record ~

Roger, Augustin, Pvt. Co. D, 26th La. Inf. En. Thibodaux, La., March 12, 186-. Roll Sept. and Oct., 1862, Present. Federal Rolls of Prisoners of War, Captured and paroled at Vicksburg, Miss., July 4, 1863.

Rojair, A., Pvt., Co. I., 18th La. Inf. Roll Jan. and Feb., 1863 (only Roll on which borne), En. Oct. 10, 1862, Assumption Par., La. Remarks: Absent without leave from Gen. Hospl. Borne on Rolls of Co. H., Cons. 18th Regt. and Yellow Jacket Battn. La. Inf. Roll Jan. and Feb., 1864, Present.


~ Biography ~

Augustin Roger

Augustin Roger was born on 15 March 1839 in Plattenville, Louisiana. He was the son of Auguste/Augustin Roger and Emmerante BOURG.

He is enumerated with his stepfather, Joseph HIMEL and Emarante in 1860 in Lafourche Parish. Augustin enlisted in Berwick Bay, St. Mary Parish. After the war ended, he returned to Lafourche Parish and lived there for some 10 years prior to relocating to Iberia Parish.

Autustin's first marriage was to Miss Josephine MAITREJEAN. The marriage produced four children (Dolsilva, Thelesia, Olivia and Joseph). Augustin's first wife, Josephine was tragically killed when she threw herself between a charging bull and a small child, thereby saving the child and sacrificing her own life.

Augustin married once more. This marriage was to Miss Marie Delzire BODIN (BOUDIN) 5 January 1880 in Iberia Parish. The rites of marriage were performed by Clarence L. Smith, and was witnessed by Adrien BODIN, Cesaire ROBICHAUX, and C. JACQUET. This marriage produced three children. At the time of his application, he lists his wife as being 50 years old and the children as follows: Dolsilva -- 40, Thelesia -- 38, Olivia -- 35, Joseph -- 30, Marie -- 21, Anthony -- 19, and Antonia -- 10.

According to the Confederate Pension Application, it is stated that he served in Co. H. (Confederate Guards of Orleans Parish) of the 18th Louisiana Infantry Regiment.

However, his headstone states that he served in Co. D., of the 26th Louisiana Infantry Regiment. This information falls in line with the information pertaining to the history of the 26th Regiment in as it was formed at Berwick City on 3 April 1862. This regiment eventually ended up at Vicksburg and performed heroically at the defense of Chickasaw Bluffs during the Vicksburg campaign. During the defense of Chickasaw Bluffs, the regiment captured some 300 Federal soldiers in an attack on the enemy's flanks. (History of this unit is as stated in the book: Guide to Louisiana Confederate Military Units 1861-1865, by Arthur W. Bergeron, Jr. )

Records indicate that he served at the Battle of Vicksburg and was surrendered there on 4 July 1863. It is possible that after his surrender at Vicksburg, and upon his exchange from parole camp, that he along with other men were assigned to the reorganized Consolidated 18th Louisiana Infantry Regiment and Yellow Jacket Battalion after it's reorganization at Simmsport, on November 14, 1863. The 18th Regiment went on to participate in the failed Red River campaign and battles of Mansfield, Pleasant Hill, and Yellow Bayou.

On July 22, 1904, Augustin applied for and received a Confederate Pension while he was residing in DeRouen (Iberia Parish), Louisiana.

In his Pension Application, Augustin mentions the officers that he served under as being: Col. (Leopold L.) Armant, Lt. Col. (Joseph) Collins, Major William Mouton, a Capt. (name appears to be Horatio N. Jenkins) and a 1st Lt. (S. W.) Clark -- all of who served in the 18th Louisiana and in the cases of Jenkins and Clark were both in command of Co. H.

He died on 15 November 1929 at Lee Station, Iberia Parish, and is laid to rest in the Broussard Cemetery, a family cemetery, in Iberia Parish, Louisiana. The cause of his death was listed on the Pension Application as kidney trouble and old age.

After his death in 1929, his widow, Marie Delzire BODIN (BOUDIN) (born 4 July 1854), applied for and received a Confederate Widow's Pension.

Information relating to this biographical sketch is taken from the following sources:

Guide to Louisiana Confederate Military Units 1861-1865, by Arthur W. Bergeron, Jr.
Confederate Pension Application #3422, for Augustin Roger, Iberia Parish, Louisiana
Confederate Widow's Pension Application #13595, for Delzire BOUDIN Rogers, Iberia Parish, Louisiana.

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Ms. Suzanne Rogers Romero.

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copies of the Confederate Pension Applications for both
Augustin Roger and his widow Delzire BOUDIN Rogers.

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