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Bouillion, Don Louis

Pvt., Co. G.


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...Flag design is based on a small torn section of the regimental battle flag which is on display in the Confederate Museum, New Orleans, Louisiana. May 19, 1865. When the 18th Regiment was disbanded the flag was torn into ten pieces and a piece given to each of the ten company commanders. (Placement of Battle Inscriptions is specualtive and based on similar Confederate battle flags of the same period.)

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Bouillion, Don Louis, Pvt., Co. K.

...At this point in time, we are still searching for an image of Pvt. Don Louis Bouillion and we hope to add one in the forseeable future.Should any of his decendants have a photo of him, and would gratiously care to place a copy of his photo at this web site...this researcher would be grateful.

Bouillion, Don Louis

Pvt., Co. K.


~ Military Record ~

Bouillon, D.,Pvt. Co. B. 10th Battn. La. Infty. Appears on Register of Prisoners of War dated April 25th, 1863, Captured at Centerville, La., April 14th, 1863. Sent to New Orleans, La., to be exchanged.

(Note: the name Bouillion, D. is difficult to read and also could be Bouillion, O. which would probably have been Bouillion, Ozemie, also a Pvt. in the 18th Louisiana mentioned in the text below. jlr)

Bouillion, Don Louis, Pvt., Co. K., 18th La. Infty. Consol. Yellow Jacket Battn. Roll for Jan. and Feb., 1864 (only Roll on file), En. March 17th, 1862, St. Martin, "Present."

~ Biography ~

Don Louis Bouillion

Soldier's Louisiana Pension Application

PAGE 1 of Application

Parish of: Acadia, No.: 8148, Soldier's Application for Pension: Don Louis Bouillion, P. O. Rayne, Company and Regiment, K: 18th Regiment, Filed: Nov. 13, 1913, Allowed: March 11, 1914, Quaterly Allowance: $ (Blank - 17.00 is written in hand across two lines, could be pension allowance), Pension Allowed from: (Blank), Rejected: 12/11/13, Record Since 64-, (Signed, Illegible) President, Board of Pension Commissioners, Company and Regiment of Naval Service? B. Fournet's Batt., K 18th Inf., Date, Place and Nature of Wound Received? (Blank), Disability - Where and How Occasioned? Old, crippled, Where and When Paroled or Discharged? Monroe, LA, If Discharged, Where Remaining until Surrender? (Blank), Age, Not given.

PAGE 2 of Application (this page was type written)

Soldier's Application for Pension I, Don Louis Bouillion, state of Louisiana, and now a citizen of Louisiana, resident at Rayne in the parish of Acadia in the State of Louisiana...

1. When and where were you born? Answer: Born in Acadia Parish

2. When and where did you enlist? Answer: St. Martinville, LA

3. Give the letter of your Company and the number of your Regiment: Answer: Col. V. A. Fournet, Comp. B., Capt. D. Beroud, Yellow Jacket Battoulen (sic)

4. Give branch of service, Artillery, Infantry, Calvary or Navy, give name or names of vessels you served in, or in what capacity: Answer: in 1863 Transferred to 18 Reg. Col. Armand Capt. Alice Castille; Comp. K

5. If discharged or paroled from the army, where wer you, and what did you do until the close of the war? Answer: At Monro. (sic) LA.

6. Where were you at the surrender: Answer: At Monro. (sic) LA

7. If a prisoner, in what camp, and where were you released, and to where sent? Answer: No. Never Was Captured

8. Did you take the oath of alligiance to the United States Government at any time during the war? Is so, when and where? Answer: No

9. How long have you been a resident of the State of Louisiana next preceding the date of this application? Where have you resided during that period? Answer: All my life

10. Are you engaged in any business? If so, what do you earn? Answer: Old age and cripple. Not able to work

11. Have you or your wife any estate in your own right, real or personal and what is the value? Answer: A little home assesed at $250

12. Give name of two or more of your comrades, with their post office address? Answer: Ozemie, Bouillion, at Crowley, LA

13. Give your post office address and that of the witness. Answer: Don Louis Bouillion, Rayne, LA

The application is signed by Don Louis Bouillion by his mark and dated Nov. 3, 1913

PAGE 3 of the application (this page was written in long hand)

Parish of St. Landry

Be it known that on this 22nd day of January, A. D. 1914, before me H. E. Estage (?) a duly qualified and commissioned Notary Public, and for the Parish of St. Landry, State of Louisiana; came and appeared Major Arthur Simon, who being duly sworn under the following statement relative to the military service of one Don Louis Bouillion, an old Confederate veteran, now above seventy five years of age as follows:

I became acquainted with the veteran Don Louis Bouillion during the Civil War in the month of March A. D. 1862 when he was enlisted in the Fournet's Yellow Jacket Battalion Infantry, Confederate Volunteers in Company B and I then the First Lieutenant. Don Louis Bouillion continued to serve in said organization and in 1863 I became the Captain of my Company. In the month of November 1864 my Battalion became consolidated with the remnant of the 18th La. Inf. Vols. and formed the new 18th La Yellow Jacket Consolidated Regiment, Inf. Vols. and I became Captain of Co. K of the new organization (word not readable) and of which I became the Major in the month of Sept. A. D. 1864. In the month of February or about in the year 1865(? - difficult to read, strike over) (word not readable) an epidemic of smallpox, my faithful soldier Don Louis Bouillion was vaccinated on the right arm by the Dr. of the Regiment; and it unfortunately happens that the vaccine virus was poisioned and cased terrible ulcers to form on the soldier's arm and chest and to such a degree that the bone of his arm and his upper right ribs could be seen in places.

About that time or later on I gave him a furlough to go to the hospital in Monroe, LA or to his home (next two lines not readable).....Hospital in Monroe, LA he was allowed to go to his home near S. Martinville, LA to be taken care of. No one thought at that time that he would survive but he generally got better but shortly after that was over he began to improve with proper care and finally survived and was completely cured in course of time.

Don Louis Bouillon, (word not readable) good and devoted service to the Confederate cause and was a brave soldier as long as he could stand to the last moment.

(signed) Major Arthur Simon
Ex Major 18th La. Inf. Batt. Consolidated Reg.
Infantry Volunteers Confederate Army
Alfred Mouton's Brigade

Sworn to and subscribed before me the undersigned authority this 22nd of

January A. D. 1914
H. E. Estage
Notary Public

The above biography/Pension Benefit Applicantion was generousaly supplied by Mr. Jerry Royer, one of the decendants of the late Don Louis Bouillion, Pvt., Co. B., 10th Battn. La. Infty. and Co. K., 18th Consolidated Infantry Regiment and Yellow Jacket Battalion.

We, at the 18th Louisiana Infantry Regiment owe a debt of gratitude to Mr. Jerry Royer for his generous contribution. The above information was used with his kind permission.

Jerry Royer

The above biography of Don Louis Bouillion relies extensively
on materials contained within the "Soldiers Application for Pension"
Parish of: Acadia, No.: 8148, State of Louisiana, and dated Nov. 3, 1913.


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