Thibodaux, Paul

Pvt., 4th Corpl., Co. G.


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Battle Flag
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...Flag design is based on a small torn section of the regimental battle flag which is on display in the Confederate Museum, New Orleans, Louisiana. May 19, 1865. When the 18th Regiment was disbanded the flag was torn into ten pieces and a piece given to each of the ten company commanders. (Placement of Battle Inscriptions is specualtive and based on similar Confederate battle flags of the same period.)

IMAGE of Paul Thibodaux

Corpl. Paul Thibodaux, About December 1861

Images of Paul Thibodaux: The top image is Paul taken in the distinctive militia uniform of the 18th Regiment Louisiana Infantry, sometimes after his promotion to Corporal (December 1861) and probably taken at Camp Moore. The lower image is of Paul taken after his return home from the war and the image would have been taken sometime after 17 June 1865.

IMAGE of Paul Thibodaux

Paul Thibodaux, sometimes after 17 June 1865,
quite possibly his wedding photo in June 1886.


Paul Thibodaux

Pvt., 4th Corpl., Co. G.

IMAGE of Louisiana Flag

~ Military Record ~

Thibodaux, Paul, Pvt. Co. G, 18th La. Inf. En. Camp Moore, La., Oct. 5, 1861. Present on Rolls to Feb., 1862. Promoted 4th Corpl., Dec. 17, 1861. Rolls from May, 1862, to Feb., 1863, Absent, wounded at the Battle of Shiloh, April 6, 1862; obtained a furlough of 60 days from April 16, 1862. Federal Rolls of Prisoners of War, Captured Lafourche, La., Jan. 8, 1863. Exchanged from Steamer Frolic, near Baton Rouge, La., Feb. 23, 1863. Rolls from May, 1863, to Aug., 1863, Absent, detailed April 1, 1863, with
A. Q. M. Acting Sergt. Q. M. Also on Rolls of Co. F, Cons. 18th Regt. and Yellow Jacket Battn. La. Inf., as Thibodeaux, Paul, Pvt. Roll Jan. and Feb., 1864, Present, detailed April 1, 1863, with A. Q. M. Acting Sergt. Q. M. Roll of Prisoners of War of companies and regiments, C. S. A., Paroled Washington, La., June 17, 1865. Res. Lafourche Par., La.(April 6th, 1862, Shiloh...“Paul Thibodaux...were wounded but got off the field.” Additional information transcribed from pg. 46, Reminiscences of Uncle Silas, by Silas T. Grisamore.)

~ Biography ~

A Brief Summary: Paul Thibodaux 1

Paul Thibodaux was born in Lafourche Parish on 13 October 1830. He married Odile Braud in Thibodaux on 25 June 1866. The couple had one child, Serapleine who married Thomas Knobloch, Sr. Paul attended Jefferson College at some point and was a private tutor
for young ladies. This is how he met and wed Odile Braud, Great
Grandmother to C. J. Knobloch. He lived on the 80 acre tract along Bayou Lafourche where he formed until his death. He was also employed by the Post Office for a period of time, beginning on 21 May 1867.

Paul Thibodaux died in 1928, at age 98, and he is laid to rest at the St. Mary Church cemetery in the Raceland, Louisiana.


Speech to the Raceland Militia Given
by Paul Thibodaux in October 1861 2

Fellow citizens, it is with sorrow that I view myself soon to depart from you for distant rivers and lands that will be strange to me, in as much as I am not forced to do it. But, from the moment of the hour that war was sounded, my thoughts have always dwelled on that score, so much so, I have attempted to escape this source of my annoyance, always uselessly, that it appears to be but my fate that calls me to go on the fields of battle to defend the altar of patriotism which has been attacked by cohorts who want to ravish it and trample us underfoot just the same. Can we live under such a banner? NO! NO!

I must tell you, brothers of Raceland, it is not necessary that you think that I leave without having consideration for you. But in leaving you, I believe I honor you and also the old uncle who took all the steps to form the Company of Raceland. And also he receives the credit of facing 5 soldiers of his company for the Confederate States. Rememberance of you will always be in my heart. And if the god of war defend me, I will revenge myself against the enemy for us all and for myself until the terrible hour of death.

As I go Monday to barracks, maybe many of you I will not see on the day of my departure from Thibodaux for the places that we are destined for. By consequence, I give you now my sincere adieux to all the Company of Raceland and to all the neighborhood. And if providence protect us that we can defeat the enemy and gain our independence, and that I can pass thru the bullets and the grape shot, I will return to press the hands of all like a brother should do to his brothers. And if by chance I succumb, and I become a victim of the enemy, when you know that I am no more of this earth, I beg you to pray Devine Providence for the repose of my soul.

Messieurs, you know that I am not an orator. I express to you today the sentiments that I again feel for you all. I beleived that I was discontented with you or the Company of Raceland. The reason that I address these words to you is to prove the contrary and how much I regret to leave you, above all, the friends who are dear to my heart like you are.

The possibility that I will not see you again in this world does not deter that which fate has for me in store. But in leaving, I am glad to go to give my service to one country, as it will be the first act that I will render in the service that I owe it. And if I should die by the hands of the enemy, I will die happy, as my death will be the defense of my country.

I end in giving you my farewells, goodbyes, adieu.

P. Thibodaux


Exerpts from: Reminiscences of Uncle Silas, A
History of the Eighteenth Louisiana Infantry Regiment 3
by Arthur W. Bergeron, Jr.

Paul Thibodaux

Contracted measles while at Camp Roman near Carrollton in November or December 1861. Promoted to 4th Corporal December 17, 1861, and to 3rd Corporal February 14, 1862. Slightly wounded at Shiloh April 7, 1862. Left Corinth, Mississippi, by rail April 15, 1862, to go home to recover from wound. Returned to his company March 14, 1863, at Camp Bisland.

Christmas 1864, Minden, La. "I gave Paul Thibodaux, who had gone foraging a few days previous, some money to purchase a Christmas turkey. He had succeeded in getting five of them for fifty dollars. Four I gave to the company, and the other was kept for a dinner to be given by myself during the week."

At Mansfield, La., in late May 1865 as the army was disbanding, he helped conceal some mules and horses so they would not be stolen by men going home. He drove a wagon for Major Grisamore from Mansfield to Opelousas, where they sold the wagons and mules. He and Grisamore went to Washington, La., to sign their paroles. Grisamore waited a few days to take a steamer home with Colonel Bush.

May 25, 1928

In Repy
Refer to: O. R. D.

          Respectfully returned to
          ( Missing Information )

          Board of Pension Commissioners,
          State of Louisiana
          Baton Rouge, Louisiana

The records show that Paul Thibodaux, Co. G, 18th Louisiana Inf., C. S. A., enlisted October 5, 1861, at Camp Moore, La. (Co. was also known as Lafourche Creoles).

Muster roll May & June 1863, shows him, - Detailed Apl. 1, 1863, with A. Q. M., as Acting Sgt., Q. M., a Private.

His name is not borne on subsequent roll for July & Aug. 1863, (latest on file).

(The regt. was discontinued by orders dated Nov. 12, 1863, and subsequently became the Consolidated 18th. Regt. & Yellow Jacket Battn. La. Inf., C. S. A.).

Paul Thibodaux became a Private of Co. F., Consolidated 18th. Regt. & Yellow Jacket Battn. La. Inf., C. S. A.

Muster roll for Jan. & Feb., 1864 (only roll on file) show him present, a Private. Remarks: Detailed Apl. 1, 1863, with A.Q.M., Acting Sergt., Q. M.,

Prisoner of War records show that he was surrendered May 26,
1865, and paroled at Washington, La., June 17, 1865, a Private,
Co. F., 18th La. Inf., C. S. A.

Residence: Lafourche Parish, La.

Lutz Wahl,
Major General,
The Adjutant General.

by T. E.


1. A brief summary of the life of Paul Thibodaux, as narrated by his Great-great grandson, Claude J. Knobloch, Jr. of Thibodaux, Louisiana, and added to the Veterans Section on 17 February 2000.

2. Speech to the Raceland Militia-October 1861. Translated from French to English by Elton Oubre on 26 October 1978. Paul Thibodaux's Great-great grandson, Claude J. Knobloch, Jr. has the original speech written in French and signed by Paul Thibodaux.

3. Excerpt from the book, Reminiscences of Uncle Silas, A History of the Eighteenth Louisiana Infanrty Regiment, by Arthur W. Bergeron, Jr. Includes exerpts and a quote from pp. 185

4. Letter from the War Department, during the time Odile Braud Thibodaux, widow of Paul Thibodaux, applied for a widow's pension. Amout received was approximately: $30 a month.

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