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Applications for Confederate Pension Benefits
for Louisiana Confederate Soldiers and/or their Widows

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As a continuing service to the men who served with the 18th Louisiana Infantry Regiment, this web site is presenting hours of searching through the list of men who applied for Confederate Pension Benefits and/or their Widows who applied for Widow's.

Pension Application Records
for Louisiana Confederate Soldiers and/or Their Widows

Copies of the actual documents that made up the application are on file at the Louisiana State Archives in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Copies of the documents can be obtained by going to the Archives in person, or by requesting them by mail. Considering the material that a descendant can accumulate when a request is made, the cost is very nominal.

The documents can contain much in the way of valuable research information including the unit that the veteran served with, the names of some of his fellow soldiers, copies of marriage certificates (civil and/or church), letters of recommendation from a commanding officer, statements from fellow soldiers, death certificates, and the list goes on. Some

Confederate Pension Applications only carry a minimal of information while others carry a wealth of information -- all valuable to the researcher who is searching for his ancestors past paper trails.

A typical Application for Confederate Pension Benefits can cost as little as $10!!!! A small fee, indeed for what could be a treasure trove of information.

We are listing the names, and the units of the men that we have either confirmed to date or that meet the criteria as a strong probability of being the soldier in question. We do not guarantee that all names listed below are 100% accurate -- but the vast majority of them are. The bonus of our search has yielded the names (including in many cases, the MAIDEN NAME) of the widow of the soldier listed.

Though we strive for accuracy -- we do makes mistakes -- for to err is human. Should we be in error as to the information displayed, and you are aware of the information error, we would appreciate an e-mail message informing us as to the error as well as any correct information that you might be in possession of. We will make every effort to correct this information at the earliest timeframe.

Currently, these pages are under construction. Because of the important material that is displayed on this page, we will place it on our server in the "construction phase" and will add additional material as we complete it. Over the next few weeks, additional listings will be added to each of the pages as we complete each phase of research.

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Confederate Pension Applications for Soldiers and Widows
with the following Surname Listings.
Click on the Letter of Choice to View the List.

(Please note: The letters below in Blue are currently under construction and have no data. The materials used in this search are time consuming and tedious in nature. As we update the files, we will update the link to the page containing that pension materials. Thank you for your patience.)


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