Placide (Fabien) Richard

Pvt., Co. K.


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Battle Flag
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...Flag design is based on a small torn section of the regimental battle flag which is on display in the Confederate Museum, New Orleans, Louisiana. May 19, 1865. When the 18th Regiment was disbanded the flag was torn into ten pieces and a piece given to each of the ten company commanders. (Placement of Battle Inscriptions is specualtive and based on similar Confederate battle flags of the same period.)

IMAGE of Placide Fabien Richard

Image of Placide Richard, Pvt., Co. K

....At this point in time, we are still searching for an image of
Pvt. Placide Richard and we hope to add one in the forseeable future. Should any of his other decendants have a photo of Placide, and would care to place a copy of his photo at this web site, this researcher would greatly appreciate it.


Placide (Fabien) Richard

Pvt., Co. K.


~ Military Record ~

Richard, Placide, Pvt. Co. K, 18th La. Inf. En. Jan. 6, 1862,
Camp Benjamin. Rolls May, 1862, to Aug., Present. Rolls Jan., 1863, to June 30, 1863, Deserted at Camp Qui Vive, Dec. 25, 1862.
That is what the "official records" state. This researcher is not totally convinced of the "finality" of this service record. His personal files have been researched and it is strongly felt that Placide may have returned and continued the fight. Church and Civil Records of the time frame indicate that he was absent from home during the remainder of the American Civil War. We may never know.

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Pvt. Placide Richard, Co. K.

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