REBECCA "Beckums/Becky" RAT: The daughter of the Lord High Mayor, and a perfect double of Rhubella Rat, she found herself caught up in circumstances she was unable to prevent. Fortunately for her, she was rescued in the nick of time by her childhood friend Ukariah and spirited away to his hideout in Perfecto Forest. Timid and understandably frightened when we first met her, yet posessed of a keen scientific mind, she quickly matured into a take- charge kind of girl. Owing to a shared creative intellect, despite their age difference, she couldn't help but fall in love with her newfound partner in science, Don "Catastrophe" Coyote.

1977: Rebecca Rat is born to the Lord High Mayor, Robert Rat (and, of course, his wife!). As she grows up, she'd determined to lead as normal a childhood as possible, and, for the most part, she does, making friends at Perfecto Elementary with Uke, Barb, and Catastrophe (the pint-sized genius who's six years her senior, and first discovers her keen scientific intellect).
1992: When it seems that her father has become a ruthless dictator, even going so far as to apparently murder the rest of his own family in front of her eyes, Rebecca goes into shock; and while struggling with him, she scratches his face, leaving readily identifiable scars. She's rescued at the last second by Uke, however, who shows up to ask what all the commotion is about, and she's spirited away to his underground hideout. Recovering, she eventually pairs up with Catastrophe in his secret laboratory where, ironically, she's safe for the most part, since Catastrophe is considered so insignificant by "the mayor" that it never occurs to him to look for her there! Being cooped up with him in such close quarters, it isn't long (a week) before they fall helplessly in love.
1995: Rebecca makes a chance remark about wishing she could be in some other universe one day, and that gives Catastrophe the idea to build the transdimensional portal. Outside of never being able to get a fix on one location long enough to do any good, its most annoying feature is emitting a noise that sounds like a cross between a rolling tympani and a runaway freight train! (This also has the unexpected drawback of alerting the mayor's "goon squad" to their location.)
1996: After numerous failed tests, the portal finally hones in on one spot long enough for Rebecca to make good her escape: the Acme Forest. Unfortunately, before she gets the chance, it pulls Buster, Babs, Rhubella, Plucky, Shirley, Fifi, and Alex Redolence into Perfecto Plaza instead! ("Parallel Parking") After that story, Rebecca decides to come with the Toonsters to Acme Acres anyway, even though the threat to her life is over, because Perfecto now holds too many bad memories for her, and Rhubella talks her mom, Rhonda, into letting her stay with them until she can find a place of her own. Determined to start over, Becky (who used to cook back home) takes a job at the Acme Diner, although it does take her a little bit of time to get used to properly preparing Earth food. Eventually, she becomes so attached to Rhonda (and vice versa) that Rhonda decides to adopt her ("The Rat Stuff"); but before that happens, events take place that will prevent that once and for all.

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