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My Pages have gone into a sad demise these past few years. Three years ago, I myself followed in my ancestors footsteps and made my family tree more complicated, the only difference is I'm here to record it.
In March 2003 I emigrated to Australia and have recently remarried, making my family tree a whole lot bigger.
But I think I'm finally settled and ready to get back to what I enjoy doing the most and thats Genealogy and my webpages. I know my webpages are more than likely out of date as am I. My webpage will be getting a face lift and I will be going through the links and removing the broken ones, replacing them with fresh ones as I find them, as I said I have been out of touch with my Genealogy stuff so for me new useful links will come along as I learn. I don't have as much time as I used to so its not going to happen over night.
Please use only this Email link below, other links to my email on other various pages of mine are out of date and I will not get them.

I am alway on the look out to add more things to my website to make it as helpful as possible, if you have a web page that you think may be of some interest to me, maybe there is something you'd like to see on my page then please let me know. If you have trouble accessing any sites please e-mail me and I'll check them out.

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