Updated 7/12/2011

John Wolf Project Bulletin Board




Message(s) for Wolfe Family

Dear Wolfe Family Members,

I have a new email address for the Wolfe project.  Please use this address:  jim-wolf90@live.com


Play this video from Jim Garcia.

Below are documents to help guide you in sending information for the John Wolf project family tree.  Due to the size of the documents, you will need to click on the link below to access them.

PDF Version, John Wolf Project-master document-1st draft.  3.5MB filesize.  You need Adobe Reader to view.


Documents you can edit.
Sample layout document in MSWord 2003 compatible format.  5mb file size.

Submitting Information to Jim Garcia

Please use the following guidelines for sending information by email.

Photos should be saved in jpeg format.  name.jpg

For text, email may be used with information placed in the body of the email message.

Word documents are preferred and can be sent as an attachment.

Wolf Reunion on August 6, 2011

I plan to have my laptop computer and scanner available at the reunion which will allow you to scan photos during this time.  Also, you can bring a jump or flash drive which I can copy any photos or files to my computer. 


Any questions call me at 215-257-2925