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Latest News!
Welcome three new family Members

Father, Mother, and Sister arrived
 Friday, November 11, 2005

Dear Friends in Christ,

It is with great pleasure to announce the arrival of the final three family members of the Nabiyev family.  On November 11, 2005, the father, mother, and daughter were greeted by members of our committee, Lutheran Children and Family Service (LCFS) staff members, and Azizbek and grand daughter, Albina.

Lyn Back from LCFS welcomes the three family members (photo left to right; Azamzhon, Farida, and Sanam) as they arrived at Philadelphia airport.

The Nabiyev family consists of a three generation family unit.  The grand parents are Azamzhon and his wife Sanam.  They have five children who are in the twenties and thirties.  The oldest is Avazzhon and his wife Elvira; their two daughters are Albina and Madina.  Next is Azizbek and his wife Alfiya; their daughter is Dlyara.  The next two brothers are Otabek and Balabek.  Finally the youngest member is the daughter Farida. 

All family members were very happy to be together as one family and there were many smiles when they finally were reunited on November 11.  Azamzhon and Sanam were very grateful and wish to thank all our church members for the help we have provided them to settle in our community. 

On December 10, the Nabiyevs were invited to St. Luke’s Lutheran Church’s Children’s Christmas Party.  The entire family was present and the family had an opportunity to meet with Santa (Steve Gratias) for a group photograph.

Back Row Left to Right
Balabek, Avazz, Azam, Otabek, Madina, Sanam, and Elvira.
Front Row Left to Right
Azizz, Dlyara, Santa, Albina, Farida, and Alfiya.

We are now in the process of finding jobs for the family.  So far we have found jobs for three of the men.  We are still looking for jobs for three more of the family members.  Our committee asks for our church congregations to inquire within our communities to seek employers who may have job opportunities for the family members. 

Once again we wish to thank our church leaders, members, and volunteers who have supported this ministry.  Your help is very much appreciated by our committee and members of the Nabiyev family. 

Your Servants in Christ

Steve Gratias, Member of St. Luke’s Lutheran Church, Dublin, PA
Pennridge Lutheran Refugee Committee

Jim Garcia, Member of Trinity Lutheran Church, Perkasie, PA
Pennridge Lutheran Refugee Committee

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