Greetings from
Otabek and Balabek Nabiyev Nabiyev


Participating Lutheran Church Contact Persons


Pastor Jerry

Peace-Tohickon Perkasie
Dick Burkett

St. Andrew's Perkasie
Lynne Wescott 

St. James
Suzanne Fisher

St. John's Sellersville
Leah Woehr Grande

St. Luke's Dublin
Steve Gratias

St. Matthew's Kellerschurch
Marilynne Bagosy

St. Michael's Sellersville
Bruce Markley

St. Peter's
Line Lexington

Trinity Perkasie
Jim Garcia

A Message from Otabek and Balabek

 We are Otabek and Balabek have arrived July 29, 2005 in America.

 This is our first house in the picture.  We thank everyone who has been helping us settle in our new life.  1000 times thank you.

 Otabek and Balabek

Where they lived (Krai)

Krasnodarsky region is situated in the north-western part of the Caucasus. It borders on Rostovskaya region in the north, on Stavropolsky region in the east, on Abkhazia in the south. The southern and the western boundaries of the region are washed by the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov. The Republic of Adygeya is a constituent of the region. Krasnodarsky region is often called Kuban like the river of the region.

The region is the real natural park, where different plants grow. Fauna of the region is quite diverse.



In Krasnodarsky region there are 800 resorts.  Climate varies from temperate continental to subtropical.  There are reserves of oil, gas, marble, limestone, gravel, sand, iron ore, salt. In the region supplies of mineral waters have been found.




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