Memories of -
177th ASA Company
Pyong Teak, Korea
1967 - 1968
Army Security Agency

Serving with the United States Army Security Agency was one of the highlights of my life. The 177th gave me the flexibility I needed to achieve my potential as a soldier. Upon arriving in Korea, I was put in charge as a trick chief at the criticom relay station. While on duty as a trick chief, my shift received the final messages transmitted from the ship captured by the North Koreans, the USS Pueblo. Our training as a 72B's really paid off. Red lights and bells were going off, but myself and the men who served with me that morning stayed calm. I'm very proud of all the men who served at the 177th during that trying period.

Below are some pictures that I hope you will enjoy.

James Deaton
10 cent Military Payment Certificate.
In Japan, we only had MPC's in $1.00, $5.00, and &10.00 notes. When I arrived in Korea, the only coin we used was the penny. The MPC's were issued in 5,10,25, and 50 cents as well as the $1,$5, and $10 dollar notes. You could walk around with a pocket full of paper money and still be almost broke.

Main PX at Camp Humphreys NCO Club at the 177th.
You could buy a fifth of Jack Daniels for $1.65 and if you wanted a hamburger, the club never had hamburger buns, you got it on plain bread. A friend of mine and myself had some large glasses. We would mix half Coke and Rum, chug it down and walk to the main gate. We wouldn't feel anything until we got past the MP's. By the time we got to the bars, we were feeling good. Cheap night on the town.
177th NCO Quarters Building
Barracks across the street from the Main HQ Building and the PX.
Main company street with NCO barracks and HQ Building on the left. Other barracks on the right.
Main gate coming into Camp Humphreys.
The 177th was to the right. Esquire Tailors sign on the left, is where most of us bought our ASA flight jackets. Several of us were in the village when a MP jeep equipped with a loud speaker was telling us to get back to our H.Q.. It was an emergency. When we got back, we were told that North Korean's had been spotted in the bay area. After a while, the alert was called off. Because this and the Pueblo incident we were put on 12 hour shifts and had to patrol certain areas at night. They called it the Quick Reaction Force.
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I hope you have enjoyed what few pictures that I have. I regret that I didn't take more. I made Staff Sgt. while serving with the 177th. My next duty station was at Bad Aibling, Germany. After only being there a couple of weeks, I was evacuated to Walter Reed Hospital in Washington, D C. I was in the hospital for six months and was separated from service for a service connected disability.

For those of you that have lost your ASA patch or Brass insignia, I found them located at Medals of America.Com