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JO DEE MESSINA poses for photos every night during her shows, and not just for the fans. Hoping to capture as many moments of her career as possible, Jo Dee has asked her assistant manager to take snapshots of her each night so that when her hit-making days have passed, she can share the memories with her children
and grandchildren.


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According to Jo Dee Messina she was somewhat of a "jock" in high school, including a short stint as a gymnast. She says she was fine with "floor exercise routine," but then she tried the uneven parallel bars. "Then I fell off the uneven bars so that ended that career," she told us. "I was just
going for a dismount off the high bar and my legs hit the bar underneath me and knocked my grip off and I landed flat on my back. It knocked the wind out of me so I was pretty scared about that. Besides the gymnastics I was also a figure skater which the gymnastics kind of helped with. I could do an "axle" (a jump and turn in midair) and that was it. An axle, not a double, not a triple, nothing else. I'll still go out there and play around today. I'm not half as good as I used to be." She may not have ever gotten perfect "10s" in gymnastics or skating, but in the music business she’s been medaling, that is, "metaling," as in gold and platinum records.

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Jo Dee Messina wrapped up shooting an episode of "Touched by an Angel" this week in Salt Lake City. She portrays a worker in a beleaguered taffy factory that faces several crisis including Messina’s character facing the ultimate test. The show airs the Sunday following Thanksgiving.

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Jo Dee Messina's Thanksgiving Blitz!!! Award-Winning Country Star Gets `Touched By An Angel' And Loves `The CBS All-American Thanksgiving Day Parade'

NASHVILLE, Tenn., Nov. 1 /PRNewswire/ -- Nobody works harder than nearly double-platinum country star Jo Dee Messina! Fresh from winning the Country Music Association's prestigious Horizon Award, Messina signs on for not one, but two, major television appearances. The fiery singer will be one of the emcees for CBS' annual "1999 All American Thanksgiving Day Parade" -- and then she will hone her acting chops for a very special episode of "Touched By An Angel." "I have so much to be thankful for, "Messina says, "and it's great to have the opportunity to be a part of everyone's Thanksgiving weekend." Messina isn't kidding when she talks about counting her blessings. Not only was she the first woman to have three consecutive multiple week #1s and her Top 10 "I'm Alright" is closing in on double platinum for sales of two million copies, but she matched her Horizon Award with an Academy of Country Music Top New Female Vocalist nod and earned three Boston Music Awards, including the top honor Artist of the Year, which she won over Aerosmith, Paula Cole, Rob Zombie and the Mighty Mighty Bosstones. And "Because You Loved Me," the fifth single from her Academy of Country Music Album of the Year nominated "I'm Alright," is currently climbing the charts. Currently #41 on Billboard's Country Singles chart and #37 with a bullet on Radio & Records' Country chart, the soaring ballad about "the power of a dream" is capturing people's imaginations around the country. Messina is currently in the midst of wrapping up her 1999 concert schedule. This is a year that has seen her as the only female solo act on the George Strait Country Festival stadium tour and sharing stages with multiple CMA Entertainer of the Year Vince Gill, in addition to headlining her own shows. The parade airs nationwide on Nov. 25th -- and "Touched By An Angel" airs on Nov. 28th. Both shows are broadcast on CBS.

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NASHVILLE, Tenn., Oct. 12 /-- Jo Dee Messina, country's fiery vocalist, has always been willing to try new things. So when she needed a director for  "Because You Love Me," the fifth single from her nearly double-platinum I'm Alright, she was ready to explore some new territory. Enter Squeak Pictures' Lawrence Carroll, who directed Jewel's "You Were Meant For Me" and "Down So Long," New Radicals' "Some Day We'll Know," the Goo Goo Dolls' "Lazy Eye" and Counting Crows' "A Long December," who was also ready for some new territory. "I've seen Lawrence's videos on VH-1 and really liked some of the techniques he used and the textures of the backgrounds," Messina says of the unconventional choice. "This will be the first country video he's directed -- and it's the first time I've used a director from the pop world. So, I'm excited to see how it goes. "This song has so many meanings ... and it's the first time I've done a video for a ballad," Messina continues with her normal gusto. "So, we thought we'd try something different and not actually follow a storyline." Messina, who was nominated for The 1998 Country Music Association Video of the Year for "I'm Alright," has had three #1 videos at CMT from I'm Alright: "I'm Alright," "Bye, Bye" and "Stand Beside Me." In addition, "I'm Alright" was one of CMT's Top 12 videos of 1998. But then Jo Dee has made a career out of aiming high and maintaining stringent standards. The winner of the 1999 CMA Horizon Award recognizing  significant career growth over the past year, Messina is the reigning Academy of Country Music Top New Female Vocalist and a triple Boston Music Awards winner for Female Vocalist of the Year, Country Act of the Year and Artist of the Year -- an award that saw her best Aerosmith, Paula Cole, the Mighty Mighty Bosstones and Rob Zombie.
The one-day shoot will take place today in Nashville (October 12).Carroll is also known for directing videos for cutting edge artists Better Than Ezra, the Cardigans, Collective Soul and the Verve Pipe. Look for "Because You Love Me" to debut on CMT shortly -- and look for Jo Dee Messina at the WB Radio Awards, where she's nominated for Country Artist and Country Song of the Year for "Stand Beside Me," on October 28 live from Las Vegas on the WB Network.

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(Christine) ( Sep 02, 1999

Regis & Kathie Lee & Jo Dee; Double CMA Nominee Messina Wakes up on Morning
TV To Sing 'Lesson In Leavin' Live 8/31

NEW YORK, Aug. 30 /PRNewswire/ -- She's in New York shopping for dresses for the 1999 Country Music Association Awards, but that didn't stop country's Jo Dee Messina from answering the call from Regis Philbin and Kathie Lee Gifford. Messina will sing "Lesson In Leavin'," from her approaching double platinum Top 5 Country album "I'm Alright" on August 31's "Live With Regis & Kathie Lee." "It's always so much fun getting to see Regis & Kathie Lee," Messina says. "They really make you feel at home ... and it's a show my Mom watches every morning!"  Messina who is nominated for Female Vocalist and the prestigious Horizon Award given to recognize significant career growth over the last 12 months, is slated to perform on the CMA Awards Sept. 22. She'll visit several designer showrooms during her Manhattan trip. She will also hit Saks Fifth Avenue where she found her outfits for the Academy of Country Music Awards this spring. The reigning Academy of Country Music Top New Female -- in addition to being nominated for Female Vocalist of the Year and Album of the Year for "I'm Alright," -- became the first woman to have three consecutive multiple week #1s earlier this year. Messina also scored Billboard's #2 and #4 Most Played Songs of 1998 ("Bye, Bye" and "I'm Alright" respectively), the only artist to place two songs in the yearly Top 5. Messina can also be seen on CNN "Show Biz Today" live, The TV Guide Channel Insider and "Entertainment Tonight" in the days leading up to the CMA Awards. Messina will also serve as "CBS This Morning's" correspondent at the Awards -- and appear live on Sept. 23 to set-up her piece and perform live.

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Jo Dee Goes Shopping for Dresses

Double CMA Nominee Jo Dee Messina Hits NYC Looking for Her Awards Outfit With 'Entertainment Tonight'

NASHVILLE, Tenn., Aug. 24 /PRNewswire/ -- Being nominated for both the Country Music Association's prestigious Horizon Award and Female Vocalist of the Year means you've gotta look sharp, and Jo Dee Messina is taking the challenge seriously! Having been tapped by both People and TV Guide as one of the Academy of Country Music Awards Best Dressed,the redheaded country star is heading to New York next week to begin the process of finding just the right look, or looks -- and "Entertainment Tonight" is coming along for an exclusive look at the process!

In addition to hitting designer showrooms ranging from Vera Wang to Pamela Dennis, Messina is planning a stop off at Saks Fifth Avenue, where she found the clothes she wore the night she won Top New Female Vocalist at the ACMs. Given that Messina has also been tapped to be CBS This Morning's CMA correspondent, looking her best is certainly a priority.

With "Lesson In Leavin'" sitting at #2 for the sixth straight week, her Top 5 album "I'm Alright" heading for double platinum and an upset win as Artist of the Year at the Boston Music Awards over Aerosmith, Paula Cole, the Mighty Mighty Bosstones and Rob Zombie, it's been a Cinderella year for the woman USA Today hailed for her "triumphant return." For the first woman to have three consecutive multiple week #1s and two of the Top 4 Most Played Songs of 1998 according to Billboard, the CMA nominations and performance are the perfect denouement to a grand year!

Look for Messina on "Entertainment Tonight" in the days before the CMA Awards to get a preview of what she may well be wearing to perhaps country music's most glamorous night. The awards telecast will be broadcast live on CBS Sept. 22.

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"I'm Jo Dee Messina Reporting"

With two Country Music Association Award nominations and an appearance on the
1999 CMA Awards Show, Jo Dee Messina is going to have a busy CMA Week! But nothing could stop her from saying "yes" to CBS This Morning Entertainment  Editor Mark McEwen when he asked her to be their CMA correspondent for the  CBS wake-up show. "I was blown away that they'd ask," Messina says. "I am a huge fan of Mark McEwen, and it was so cool getting to do the show with him this spring. I was thrilled at the invitation . . . and am honored to be part of their team for that morning." In addition to doing some arrival interviews and one-on-one interviews with the winners after the show, Messina will set up her piece and perform live on CBS This Morning September 23.


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Thursday, July 29, 1999
Life on the road is No. 1
Express Writer

"My love life sucks."

It didn't take too long to get around to that topic with Jo Dee Messina, who's grateful for pretty much everything else in creation. But, as happens so often in these interviews, we get to talking about the real stuff, instead of record production gossip.

For the curious, though, Jo Dee Messina is a Massachusetts country singer and, after her second album, I'm Alright, sold a million, you could call her a pretty big one. Her story is somewhat legendary. She used to play for free, even handle her own sound board on stage. But her break came when she went up to a label exec at Fan Fair and told him they needed a redhead. They soon had one.

Um, now back to our story.

"I just haven't found the right guy, I guess. My heart hurts, you know?"   It seems an odd predicament for a singer of some notoriety and  attractiveness to have, but therein lies the problem. Enough guys come up to Messina ...

"Yeah, for my autograph.

"Terri Clark told me a story where she brought this guy home and they were watching videos and everything. Then he says, 'I can't believe I'm in Terri Clark's apartment!' Wrong thing to say, buddy; you're outta here.

"See, he wanted the notoriety, not her."

It's kind of true, of course. Think about what you'd do if you met up with one of your favourite acts. You've never met them before. You only know them as a mixture of their music and the fame that surrounds them. It's tough to keep cool, know what to say.

On the other hand, even Messina must get a little shaken around the bigger stars. "Yeah, Shania asked me to go to her show after the ACMs. They just came and got me out of the audience. It was really cool.
"That's how I'd describe Shania. She's a really cool cucumber."
Messina's admittedly yearning a baby (just one, she says, to pamper), but her life on the road has so far won out. "My job rules. I get the love I need from the audiences, and I'm really, honestly thankful for it.
"I'm not ready to change yet."

So, Prince Charming, if you happen to be out there in the crowd at Big  Valley Sunday night, let Messina know and maybe she'll fit you in. In the meantime ...







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