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March 2001


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Jo Dee Messina has been getting plenty of raves for "Burn 2001," her inaugural headlining tour. Her fans have enjoyed all the excitement too --
remember when the entire Indiana State Women's Basketball Team all wore special T-shirt's to the tour's kick-off in February? Not to mention that CMT wasn't quite ready for the 63,000 entries they got flooded with for their "Money To Burn" promotion with Jo Dee. This past weekend, the two winners went to Reno, Nevada and not only got to spend time with Jo Dee, they scored deluxe accommodations and $5,000 to boot. Plus, CMT's recent "Jo Dee Day" got some of the network's highest ratings this year. Jo Dee says she's always thrilled by everything. She says, quote, "It's an honor people respond like this. It's all about country radio playing the songs and the fans loving them." (T-100)


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Jo Dee Messina has four nominations in the 2001 Boston Music Awards, scheduled for April 19 at Boston's Orpheum Theatre. The Boston-area native won Act of the Year last year and is again nominated in that category, as well as for female vocalist, album and single. (Sonic Net)

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Jo Dee Messina played a command performance show Saturday in Vail, Colo., for John Sykes, head honcho of MTV Networks, which includes VH1 and CMT. Jo Dee played a small theater filled with cable muckety mucks and ad agency execs. (Tennesseean)

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The idea is for an artist to be standing on stage to sing their songs live, for a live audience. But that's not the way it worked out for JO DEE MESSINA at a Sewell, New Jersey concert. "I was doing the 'quick change.' It wasn't so quick. I got stuck backstage singing the song and I was, like, 'Wait you guys! I bet you guys are wondering where I am at.' You know, because the band is playing and I am nowhere to be found. According to, Jo
Dee attempted to make a quick costume change off-stage, and hit a snag. While trying to get into the costume, the music for her next number started.
Since she was still wired for sound she started singing backstage. That wasn't the only snafu Messina ran into that night. Apparently everything that could go wrong did. Jo Dee explained: "Parts of the stage didn't work.
The backdrops fell from the sky down. They didn't open. They were supposed to fall open but they just fell down. Everything up to my guitar player's strings got snagged and the fire alarm was set off at the end of the show. I was, like, 'Oh Lord, please let this night end!' It was the worst day of my life!" (Nashville Update)

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Jo Dee Messina has been a busy bee lately. Already on the road with Rascal Flatts for the "Burn" tour, Jo Dee still has a wedding to think about. One good thing however is that her busy schedule isn't keeping her away from her fiancee', Don Musquiz. You see, Don is also Jo Dee's road manager. That suits her very nicely as you can imagine, except for one thing - who really "wears the pants" in the relationship? Jo Dee says the strange role reversal she and Don are in the middle of can be difficult, but that all thetogetherness helps them find their way. She also admits that with all the craziness of their schedule, she isn't sure when they'll find time to get married, but says that when it does happen, it'll be a grand affair. (T-100)







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