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October 2001


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Two comments to make...

First of all, I heard Phil Vassar's new single last night and  it's
"That's When I Love You", which is the song that Jo Dee sings background vocals on. It's my favorite song on the album... hope it's a
big hit!
Secondly... glad to see they're going to film a video for
"Bring on the Rain". It's my favorite Jo Dee song (wow, great single choices here!) but I'm a little concerned at how it will fare on the charts. Right now it's been sitting in the 33-35 range on Billboard for about three weeks. It's been gaining spins every week... over 100 each week. I just don't have a good feeling. I think Curb realizes the need for a video to possibly help get the song out there. I hope it works for them, and  I can't wait to see what they do with it!







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