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Courtesy of (Robin) ( March 02, 2000

I know some of you have been waiting to hear all about my trip that I won to  see Jo Dee in Nashville. Basically there is only one word to describe it.  AWESOME. My friend Janet and I arrived at our hotel about 1:00pm. After eating lunch at the NASCAR cafe we walked around town a bit and met with another contest winner in the hotel lobby at 5:30. From there we walked the short distance to the Ryman. That place was sure crowed with radio people. At 6:30 we met up with Doc Holliday who was one of the contest promoters. We had our pictures taken which are on (MP3 website), we also received T-shirts a hat.
7:00 we were finally allowed to go to our seats. We were allowed to sit anywhere in the balcony. After fighting our way through crowded hallway of radio people we finally made it to front row balcony. I sat right next to one of the guys who was taping the show for the web. Let me tell you it sure did pay off sitting next to him because every time an artist looked at his camera I was right there with mine snapping away. That was until Neal was getting ready to introduce Chad Brock and my batteries went dead. Chad was on just before Jo Dee. You can imagine how disappointed I was thinking I wasn't going to get any pics of Jo.
Thank goodness for the kindness of another contest winner who let me borrow the battery from her camera. That battery worked for a while and I think I got some pretty good shots of Jo.
Jo looked great except for the glittery eye shadow she had on.Her hair was done nice and of course she was wearing black. Has anyone ever seen her any other color? The 45 minutes she played seemed liked 5. She put on one heck of a show. She sang 3 new songs that will be on her next album. Burn was a favorite of mine. She also had the treadmill on stage.
Billboard presented with an award for the most played country female artist. She was so touched that she started to cry. All in all it was a fabulous trip, just much to short. We were in Nashville less then 24 hours. Now I can't wait to go back in June for fan fair.
Take care everybody.

Courtesy of (Jen) ( Feb 09, 2000

Jo Dee Messina Kicks Off Her US Tour With the Judds; Dream Comes True for CMA
Horizon and ACM Top New Female

DENVER, Feb. 7 /PRNewswire/ -- Platinum redhead Jo Dee Messina watched a dream come true in Denver this weekend. The vocal firebrand, who won both the Country Music Association's coveted Horizon Award and the Academy of Country Music's Top New Female Vocalist, has been tapped to open the Judd's Power to Change Reunion Tour -- and she returned from a sold-out two-week Australian tour for the kick-off at Denver's Staples Center. 
                  "I stood in amazement at the front of the stage and watched two of my childhood idols performing," Messina marveled after the mother-daughter finished their set. "They were close enough to touch -- unbelievable!"  Equally effusive in its praise of Messina was The Denver Post. Writer Ed Will raved, "Jo Dee Messina opened the show. Messina opened like few concerts get opened. Her days as a supporting act are numbered." Messina, who once made her family wait to decorate their Christmas tree because the Judds were playing in Boston and she was certain they'd respond to her invitation to come and be a part of their celebration, is having a year of dreams coming true. Messina became the first women in the 90s to have two songs in Billboard's Top 10 Most Played Songs of the Year for two consecutive years -- "Bye, Bye" and "I'm Alright" were #2 and #4 for 1998, while "Lesson In Leavin'" and "Stand Beside Me" were #3 and #7 for 1999. She also made her debut on "The Tonight Show," watched her ACM Album of the Year nominee "I'm Alright" ship two million and toured with Vince Gill and as part of George Strait's Country Festival stadium tour.  But the Judd's tour for the Holliston, Mass.-born and -raised singer is the icing on the cake. As she explains, "I am so excited about sharing the stage with the Judds. I always wanted to be a Judd and this is the next best thing."  Look for Messina to be on the road for most of 2000! With a new album in the final stages of production, a killer new show and a lot of fans who've become like friends, the girl who lives to sing has got plenty of reason to get on out there ...

SOURCE Joe's Garage

Courtesy of (  Feb 8, 2000

Jo Dee Messina says she's been a Judd fan for as long as she can remember,
and when she finally opened the Power to Change tour for them in Denver this
weekend, she was still in awe of the duo. "I stood in amazement at the front
of the stage and watched two of my childhood idols performing," Messina
marveled after the mother-daughter finished their set. "They were close enough to touch  - unbelievable! "I am so excited about sharing  the stage with the Judds. I always wanted  to be a Judd and this is the next best thing."
Messina garnered her own praise after her set.  The Denver Post stated she "opened like few concerts get opened," then wrote what  most of us believe, "Her days as a supporting act are numbered." BY THE WAY in the face  of all kinds of speculation regarding the Judds' reunion tour, during their rounds of TV talk and news shows last week Wynonna and Naomi were asked why they got back together for the tour and they said they simply wanted to,
"And, because we could do it, we did it."

Courtesy of (  Feb 1, 2000

Jo Dee Messina is back from her sold out tour of Australia -- where she not only set attendance records, but appeared on their national Country Music Awards telecast. "Our tour schedule was really hectic, but we had a great time," Messina said from the land down under. "It is such a beautiful country. Next time I'm going to have to plan some vacation time down here!" Jo Dee has headed straight to Colorado where she begins rehearsals for the Judds' upcoming reunion Power To Change Tour..

Courtesy of (  Feb 1, 2000

MESSINA ENLISTS CHOREOGRAPHER —The CMA's 1999 Horizon Award winner, Jo Dee Messina, is fine-tuning her stage show for the new millennium. Messina has enlisted help from the most sought after choreographer in popular music, Darrin Henson. Henson has recently worked with Michael Jackson, the Spice Girls, Vanessa Williams, Enrique Iglesias, 'N Sync and others, infusing their musical talent with a sense of credibility and authenticity on stage. Regardless of genre, Henson says his job is always the same. "The objective is always to help the artist capture and express physically the mood and feel of each song.".







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