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November 2001


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Jo Dee Messina Gets AMA Nod As Single Climbs

( - 11/14/01) -- Jo Dee Messina got the news of her first American Music Award nomination while at a writing appointment in Nashville. The news was one interruption Messina did not mind. "What thrilling news," said the singer. "This is one awards show where the music fan in me really comes out--it was so much fun to attend last year's show as a presenter and to meet so many artists whose music I love. I'm honored to be nominated and look forward to January's show."

Meanwhile, Messina's latest single, "Bring On The Rain," which features background vocals from her producer and friend Tim McGraw, is climbing Billboard's Hot Country Singles & Tracks chart at Number 19 this week. The video for the song is also in heavy rotation on CMT, but McGraw does not appear in the musical clip of life. Messina explained to LAUNCH, "We just couldn't get it right where I was in town and he was available and that kind of stuff. Originally it was supposed to be shot in some other state and then we decided to shoot it here in Nashville. It just got crazy and down to the wire where, 'Either we're gonna make a video for this or we're not.' So, we went ahead and shot it. I did talk to him on the phone about it and I was like, 'Well, if you get a minute...' You know, but the schedules just... it didn't meet up for that."

With a few road dates this month and next, Messina is shifting her focus from her tour to finding and writing material for her next album project.

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Jo Dee On Her Impressionistic Video

(Neil Haslop - ) When people comment to Jo Dee that the video for "Bring on the Rain" doesn't literally interpret the song she says they did it that way on purpose.

"The thing is, is that when we shot the video, we wanted to specifically not be specific. Does that make sense? The song, before September 11th had so many meanings. I get so many letters. This song is how I feel about my relationship with my mother. This song is how I feel about my boyfriend, my husband, or I just lost my father. It's just taken on so many different meanings. So I didn't want to paint a picture of a couple. I didn't want to wave a flag. I didn't want to do a mother and daughter situation in the video. I didn't want to narrow it down to 'this is what it is and your







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