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 Jo Dee Messina - Burn (Curb)
Messina's third album of life-affirming songs encourage women, especially, to rally their dreams. But this time, the tunes, colored with Sheryl Crow-like vocal inflections ("CLoser", "These Are The Days"), lack the meat of previous hits, succeeding more on sizzle than substance. Still, with it's rocking beat and joie de vivre, BURN will make you put the top down and sing out loud. B Reviewer-A.N.

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Jo Dee Messina's anxious about the release of her new album, Burn, which drops Tuesday. "I'm nervous, and it's wild, but all I can do is cross my fingers and pray," she says. In other news, Jo Dee has lined up a tour of mostly fairs that extends through mid-October. (Country Now)

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Jo Dee Messina and her band are gearing up to do a very special "All Access" on CMT tomorrow night. Jo Dee is thrilled with the idea of a live show on TV because it gives her a chance to bring her new album, Burn, to the fans up close and personal. "These are songs that are meant to be heard by people," Jo Dee says. "And I'm very honored that CMT is letting me bring my new record to the fans this way. We've been rehearsing and getting ready. With country radio supporting 'That's The Way,' I think people want to see and hear these new songs." For Jo Dee, the "All Access" special also marks her increased involvement with the production process. Rather than leaving all the technical decisions in the hands of others, Jo Dee and her DreamBound
Productions have stepped up to actually take a role producing the show. "I think it's exciting to be more involved," says Jo Dee. "I had no idea everything that comes with the title, but it's an amazing learning experience. I think it'll have impact on a lot of other parts of my career as well. Anything that broadens you, I think, makes you better." CMT "All Access with Jo Dee Messina" airs tomorrow night at 8 ET/PT. (T-100)


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With her Burn album just weeks away from release, Jo Dee Messina is as excited as she could be. The CD will feature all new songs including her current single, "That's The Way," and "Bring On The Rain," which features Tim McGraw. One thing the project will not feature is music that Jo Dee herself wrote. While Jo Dee has written songs for both of her previous albums, she's content having others record them. "I love to write songs and
if someone else cuts them, it's fine with me," admits Jo Dee. "That's why we write music, so it will be heard." Recent Jo Dee compositions have found their way to the new albums of Julie Reeves and LeAnn Rimes. (T-100)


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Although her new album, Burn, comes out on August 1, Jo Dee Messina tells she's taking a break from the road in mid-October. "It's going to  be like massive withdrawals for me because that's all I've known is touring  for the past five years," she said. Messina has landed a major sponsor for her 2001 tour, and she said the downtime is needed to plan what she calls "a massive show." She says she won't let any of her band or staff go during the  hiatus, but she'll be off the road for a few months, probably through late  February or March. "For the first time, I'm going to have the show I've   always wanted," Messina said. "To do that, I have to pull off the road and
regroup. I have to situate the buses, the trucks and the set. We have to hire  video guys, and we've never had a lighting guy!" The tour sponsor will be  announced in August. Currently, Messina is preparing for her upcoming CMT All  Access show, which will be broadcast live on July 26. For more on Messina's TV special and new album, check back here for a full-length feature on Mon., July 24.

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With a double platinum record, several #1 songs and a couple of awards, Jo Dee Messina has enjoyed incredible career success in the last couple of years. With a new engagement ring on her finger, Jo Dee is also enjoying personal success. If there is one thing that Jo Dee is without a doubt, it is grateful. "There has been a lot of incredible things going on in my life lately," says Jo Dee. "I just thank God everyday for the life that I lead. I 'm very appreciative to all of the people that make it happen, the folks in radio and the fans. It's very important for me to let them know that it is appreciated. I know that it can disappear at the drop of a hat. I don't
think that I am in a position right now where it's just smooth sailing. But, for now I am enjoying life and my success gives me the energy that I need to work a little bit harder." Jo Dee releases her third album, Burn, on August 1st. (T-100)







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