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After returning from a concert in Switzerland and a flurry of media
activities in London, Jo Dee Messina went to New York City to finalize her wardrobe for next Wednesday's CMA Awards show. Jo Dee slowed down long enough for a fitting with designer Mark Bower, whose gowns have been worn by Halle Berry and Toni Braxton. She also dropped by "The Queen Latifah Show" to tape a performance of her latest chart-topping single, "That's The Way." (T-100)


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While Joe Dee Messina was away, her song "That's The Way" continued to play.. . at radio and stayed at Number One for a third consecutive week. "Away" was Europe where Jo Dee performed at the Gstaad Festival in Switzerland and moved on to the U.K. to promote the release of her album BURN over there. "It's always interesting coming to Europe and experiencing a different culture. It's always really exciting to see how popular country music is here." More Details..Messina also got an idea of how popular her brand of country music is there with BBC 2. Not only was "That's The Way" Single of the Week when it came out August 7, but Burn followed it the very next week as BBC 2's Album of the Week on August 14 -- an almost unprecedented honor. And that momentum took Messina from the "B" list (medium rotation) onto the "A" list the very next week, where she shared rotation with Janet Jackson, Texas, Mariah Carey, Mark Knopfler, Mandy Moore and Ronan Keating.
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Jo Dee Messina has had plenty of fans for years in the U.S., but her popularity is now growing by leaps and bounds overseas. After a recent
appearance in Switzerland with Wynonna and Chad Brock at the prestigious Gstaad Festival, Jo Dee headed headed to Scotland and England to do promotion for the European release of her latest album, Burn. In Scotland, Jo Dee did several radio interviews and appeared on the nation's highest-rated TV show, titled "Room at the Top." In London, she appeared on the BBC's "Good Morning Television" and completed as many radio and print interviews as she could schedule. Jo Dee as created a huge buzz at BBC 2, one of the highest-rated radio stations in England. Last month, Jo Dee got Single of the Week honors with "That's the Way," and then followed it up the next week when Burn was named the BBC 2 Album of the Week. It sounds like Jo Dee is anxious to spend more time in Europe, too. She says,
"It's always interesting coming to Europe and experiencing a different culture. It's always really exciting to see how popular country music is there." (T-100)


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USA Today also uncovered a couple of examples of Messina's generosity recently. She quietly slipped a check into the birthday card of one of her
manager's employees that allowed the woman to furnish her home. And, she noticed a woman struggling to make her lay-a-way payments on a dress and anonymously paid it off for her. Jo Dee has said,
""I used to be angry at
people that had $5 bills in their pockets. I used to think, 'You don't know
what that's like, you don't know how lucky you are to have a $20 bill. That
thing's as good as gold.' So, I appreciate that. I appreciate what I'm able
to do."
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Jo Dee Messina sits on top of the country chart this week with "That's The Way," the first release from her already gold selling Burn album. As Jo Dee continues racking up hit after hit, she never forgets who brought her to this happy point in her career. "Country radio and the fans reached out to me at a difficult time," says Jo Dee. "They made the difference in my life. I like the idea that I can give some of that back." Helping people is what Jo Dee has set out to do. "Since it's not just about keeping my head above water, I'm able to reach out to others. As long as I've got my songs to sing and a roof over my head and I'm able to do things for folks, then I'm complete." Nominated for Female Vocalist of the Year at next month's CMA Awards, Jo Dee is expected to be a performer on the October 4 show, which airs live on CBS TV. (T-100)

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Brace yourself, England. Jo Dee Messina's current crossover success on The Billboard Hot 100 chart is launching her first commercial single release in the United Kingdom. Billboard magazine reports That's The Way is being released this week in the UK on Curb-London label. The track was co-produced by Tim McGraw, and it's been remixed for the UK. (Country 105)







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