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* With such a busy schedule of appearances and concert dates, the holiday season has really crept up on Jo Dee Messina. "I haven't even thought of shopping," admits Jo Dee. "Christmas is just around the corner now, so I may just be a last minute shopper this year." One thing for sure is that Jo Dee will have plenty of room to put her Christmas packages after she buys them. Jo Dee has 5 Christmas trees displayed throughout her house. (T-10

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Jo Dee Messina will be in New York City tomorrow taking part in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade. Riding and performing on the Jello float, Jo Dee will not be alone in the Big Apple. "I'm taking my mother, my brother, my brother's girlfriend, my fiancée and his kids," says Jo Dee. "I'm taking a whole bunch of us up there." The Messina family will be boarding yet another airplane when Jo Dee's parade duties are over. Jo Dee explains, "After the parade, we're going to fly back to Massachusetts and have Thanksgiving with my sister, her husband and their four kids. It's all about family. I love my family to death and they are the ones that keep me grounded and made me into the crazy kooky girl that I am." (T-100)

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When Jo Dee Messina joined up with Jerzees to sponsor her 2001 headlining tour, she signed on to film a commercial. "I'm excited about the commercial because we actually sat together and thought of the concept for it," says Jo Dee. "My manager said, 'I want it to reflect Jo Dee instead of just the product' and we found a way to mesh the two which came to 'What do you do during the guitar solo?'" During that guitar solo Jo Dee is seen in her
Jerzees sweats kickboxing, riding around in a convertible, going to the paint store and visiting the eye doctor.
"If anyone knew how bad my eye site was, they'd get a kick out of that," admits Jo Dee. "We had a great time making the commercial and I think it was a perfect match because I wear their stuff all the time." While Jo Dee's headlining tour kicks off early next year, there is still no word on who her opening act will be. Jo Dee says that they have a lot of people in mind, but nothing is yet official. (T-100)


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Jo Dee Messina recently enjoyed another No. 1 hit with "That's the Way," but she's quick to point out that all of the success began with songwriters Annie Roboff and Holly Lamar. Just after celebrating the hit at yesterday's party on Nashville's Music Row, Jo Dee said, "I just feel so lucky to be able to sing this song. I feel like I'm doing the easy work, getting out there singing the song. They're the ones who created it. I'm just lucky enough to have recorded it. With the support of radio and the fans, we've had a great run with this song." Jo Dee added, "I heard that Annie and Holly wrote that song with me in mind. There aren't words to explain what an honor that is." Speaking of honors, Jo Dee says it would love to record with the pop supergroup, 'N Sync, although she emphasizes that she hasn't yet received an invitation. When 'N Sync's Lance Bass attended last month's CMA Awards show, he indicated that the group is thinking about recording with a major country act. Of course, 'N Sync added their vocals to Alabama's version of their hit, "God Must Have Spent a Little More Time On You. Jo Dee noted, "It's funny how all the different genres of music mix and mingle. It's a great thing because it gets everybody exposed to all kinds of music. I am friends with Lance Bass, and there has been rumors about them involving a country artist in one of their songs. I can honestly tell you that I haven't heard anything about it being me. If they did choose me, it would be cool. Alabama did it, and it was great." (T-100)

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Jo Dee Messina confesses that she over did it a bit eating Swiss Chocolate a while back when she was in the country it comes from at the Gstaad Music Festival in Switzerland. She said she had to work on getting her figure back and boy, did she. If you saw her on the recent Radio awards show singing "Burn" she was burning hot in that low-cut black pants thing she was wearing. (Nashville Update)

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Jo Dee Messina Returns To Macy's Thanksgiving Parade Thursday, November 23rd

This Thanksgiving, the redheaded songstress is thankful for a return trip to one of America's long-standing holiday traditions: the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. Messina, who made her parade debut in 1998, will ride this year's Jello float and sing several songs from her brand new CD Burn.

"I'm so excited to be part of the parade this year!" Messina enthuses. "I was in the parade two years ago -- and it is so surreal to drive down streets that are usually jammed with cars and have them be empty!

"When you look up you can get a peek of people celebrating the holiday and looking down at the parade. I'm bringing my Mom with me this year, so it will be really special."

Messina is currently scorching up the country charts with the Tina Arena-penned title track to her third Curb release Burn. Taking a huge leap from 35 to 30 on Billboard's Country Singles chart and 29 to 26 on Radio & Records' Country Radio chart,
"Burn" is showing every sign of following in the path of the Holliston, Massachusetts-born and -raised star's 4 week chart-topper "That's The Way."

Messina has been keeping up her usual whirlwind pace. Having just wrapped shooting her most involved video to date in the Thousand Islands for
"Burn," the woman Teen People called "Bonnie Raitt with a twang" is heading to Las Vegas on Nov. 4 to perform her current smash on ABC's "Radio Music Awards," where she joins Madonna, Everclear, 98 Degrees and Enrique Iglesias as nominees for Most Requested Song.

With staging meetings already underway for Messina's debut headlining tour next year -- brought to you by
Jerzees Activewear -- the can't-slow-down entertainer is making the most of the end of the year to focus on 2001. And she's definitely getting into the holiday spirit: she's making plans to spend time with her family, and after she kicks off Turkey Day by riding in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, you can also catch her singing a holiday favorite on CBS' "Early Show" and in an upcoming issue of People devoted to how the stars celebrate.







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