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August, 2000


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Martina McBride will be playing the Grand Ole Opry this weekend. "The Opry is a place like no other place I've ever played," says Martina. "Performing there is an awe inspiring experience. To me, the Grand Ole Opry is all about our history and our heritage in country music." Back in January, Martina played the original home of the Opry, the Ryman Auditorium. "I was thrilled when they took the Opry to the Ryman. I wish they would keep it there, but that's just my vote, which doesn't count for much." A member of the Opry, Martina plays the famous radio show several times a year. On October 14, she will be back on the historical stage for the 75th anniversary celebration.

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Martina McBride's management office has confirmed that Martina has been cast to play the part of Patsy Cline in a new IMAX film, tentatively called "The Legends of Country." Details were few, but Martina is scheduled to be on the movie set on September 8 to begin production. Meanwhile, Martina will be busy next week working on a CMT video bio set to air in the coming months.   On October 21, the singer will appear on "A Golden Moment" at the Arena in Oakland, California. Kristi Yamaguchi will be skating to Martina's "There You Are." The show will air November 24 on CBS. This weekend, Martina will be playing the Grand Ole Opry on both Friday and Saturday nights. (T-100)

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Songs by Martina, Vince Gill and Alan Jackson will be featured on a new RCA
album titled
"Backstage at the Grand Ole Opry," commemorating the 75th Anniversary of the Opry. The album will also contain interviews with Opry legends like Minnie Pearl and Roy Acuff. It's is scheduled for release on September 12.

In addition to this Saturday's appearance on the Opry that Liz mentions below, Martina is also scheduled to appear on the Opry during the 75th Anniversary shows the weekend of October 13-14. No word yet on exactly which shows she'll be on.

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MARTINA MCBRIDE climbs the country and AC charts with her current single "There You Are." The song has crossed over to the AC play lists and is currently in the top 20 in America. MARTINA enjoyed a number one song at AC radio with her hit "Valentine" in 1998. "There You Are" is also prominently featured in the movie "Where The Heart Is" which has recently been released to video and MARTINA performed the track on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Wednesday August 9. Ms. MCBRIDE also received a nod with a nomination in the Female Vocalist of the Year category at the CMA Awards where she returns to defend the title that she won last year. The 2000 CMA Awards Show will be held in at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville on Wednesday October 4 and broadcast on CBS TV as
well as on the BBC in the UK. Martina has been confirmed to play the CMA awards show.

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Last night Coyotes stuck their heads out of dens in canyons three miles away as if to say, "What's that?!" And, homeowners near the Greek theatre were opening their windows instead of closing them, saying, "Who's that?" Who "that" is, is Martina McBride and her surging voice spreading out across the crowd at the 70 year-old natural amphitheater. DETAILS: The Greek is a great place to "experience" McBride's effortless power on songs like "Broken Wing" and "Independence Day." Martina stepped up to true headlining status with a great show, and wonderful stage and lighting designed by her husband, John's, company. The sound is simply awesome as you'd expect from John who spent a decade as Garth Brooks' sound director on tour. The tall risers hold the band and hide some nice effects, such as Martina lowered through the floor of the top riser, a piano and keyboardist rising up from another riser. Cool stuff. (Funny moment: Martina had made a dramatic entrance atop the riser and had begun to sing "Valentine" when she stopped to duck a bat that buzzed her head before buzzing off stage. She then continued the song that includes a sweet slide show of intimate moments at home with her daughters including scenes of them being bathed in a bathroom. She says, "I would've cleaned better if I'd known it was going to end up in this video.")
(Nashville Update)

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CMA nominee Sara Evans credits her friend Martina McBride with encouraging her to have a full career and to be a mommy. Sara became a first-time mom last year and took some time off to spend with her family. "Sara is doing a great job," says Martina. "I'm happy that she made the decision to do both, because you can." As for Martina, having it all comes naturally. "I knew I wanted a family and a career and now, I have both. It's as simple as that.   There's no secret formula or magic potion, it's just taking things as they come and having your priorities in order." A new school year is fast approaching and that means the end to Martina's current tour schedule. As we reported earlier, Martina plans to be home everyday when her little girl comes home from school. During Christmas vacation, the McBride family will get back on the tour bus for some holiday shows. (T-100)




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