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Martina McBride's connection to Garth Brooks came when her husband John's sound company took over sound production for Garth's tours. "That was in 1989, 90. He (John) was very much an upstart company and had done this all on his own and couldn't afford a driver so he would drive the truck and I would go with him," Martina told us. "We'd go to Florida and I would get in the truck and we had a little miniature Schnauzer dog and we'd just take these long trips in a semi truck and he would drive, get there, unload the truck and set up all the gear, we'd watch the show and then he'd tear it all down, pack it all up and then we'd get in the truck and drive back home. We saw a lot of country, had a lot of time to talk and that was really early in our marriage, a lot of time to get to know each other and that was a really fond memory. I look back on that and even though we travel now, we travel together, there's something about that innocence and intimacy and hard work that is very much a part of our personality and it's great." (These days John McBride's main client is Martina.) MARTINA NOTE: During Garth Brooks' 100 Million Albums party last Thursday, Martina paid tribute to Garth, but before the night was over he also paid tribute to her. Garth recalled the early days when he saw Martina working alongside her husband on the road, carrying heavy equipment, fighting to protect it and their livelihood from the rain and Garth says he learned what kind of woman, what kind of winner she was. (Nashville Update)

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Martina Highlights
Martina will also be the headliner for the Christmas for Kids annual concert Nov. 13th at the Opry House in Nashville, TN. Tickets went on sale via Ticketmaster this week. For more info, you can contact Carla Payne at or via phone at 615-264-1146. As is usual at the Opry House, no backstage meet and greet can be scheduled.

Martina has been confirmed for the Today Show on November 17th.

The "Golden Moments with Kristi Yamaguchi" tv special, also featuring a
performance by Martina, will air November 24th on CBS.

The Grand Ole Opry's 75th Birthday celebration tv special will air on
Thanksgiving Day on CBS. Martina is one of the featured performers.

Martina's christmas performance with the Boston Pops (from 1999) will
air on A&E December 16. I believe they are calling it "Holiday at

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Earlier this fall, Martina McBride's oldest daughter, Delaney, started kindergarten. The event was an exciting one for the family, but bittersweet
for mommy.
"I feel like never again will we have her truly to ourselves," says Martina in a fan club newsletter. "She'll be influenced by friends, teachers, etc. I guess you have to pray that you laid the groundwork for the person that she will become. It will be a wonderful new beginning for all of us." Martina is taking time off of the road while Delaney attends school so she can be there for her each day when she comes home. She will still perform concerts on the weekends and during the Christmas holiday. She will resume a full tour schedule again when school lets out for the summer. (T-100)

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During a recent chat, Martina McBride was pleasantly surprised by a story from a fan who logged on as "TheBestInHershey." He confessed to Martina that when she sang her hit, "There You Are," during her recent CMA performance, he was dancing in front of the TV with his pregnant wife -- and right then and there they had an unexpected delivery of sorts. "We were dancing and my wife went into labor," he gushed. "Fourteen hours later, our son was delivered and now you have a new #1 fan!" Aside from that wild story, Martina told her fans during the online chat that although she doesn't have anything planned right now, she'd "love to do a gospel album one day." That's not a huge surprise considering that the first song Martina ever sang in public was "Away In A Manger" -- when she was only four-years-old. She also admitted to fans that fame can be a little disturbing at times. "I didn't get into this business for fame," says Martina, "It's nice to be anonymous sometimes, but the trick is really to focus on trying to live." She added that the best part of living in the spotlight is being able to "lend a name and a voice" to the different causes she believes in. For fans who didn't get enough of Martina on TV at the CMAs, don't worry. She says that she's got a few interesting projects coming up in the next few months. First up, she'll be making an appearance on
NBC-TV's "Today Show" on November 17. Then, on December 9, Martina fans can look forward to seeing a live pay-per-view concert. "It will be a totally live show," says Martina. Some other fun tidbits from Martina's online chats: Last week, her daughter, Delaney, went to her very first sleepover. Martina and her husband are planning a Halloween party for her crew and their families. John and Martina aren't planning on costumes at this point, but so far, her daughter Emma will be the "Wicked Witch of the West" and Delaney will dress as "Glinda the Good Witch." And As we reported earlier, Martina portrays the legendary Pasty Cline in the upcoming IMAX movie, tentatively titled, "Twang." Now, Martina has confirmed a few details about her contribution. "I portrayed Patsy as she was on the Arthur Godfrey talent
show in the 50's. I sang the song, "Walkin' After Midnight. It was so fun!" (T-100)

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The cable channel A&E has confirmed plans to air "Holiday at POPS!," a concert special with Martina McBride featured as a special guest! On December 16 at 8pm ET/PT, you can see Martina in all her glory as she sings classic Christmas carols, including "O Holy Night" and "I'll Be Home For Christmas" from her holiday album, White Christmas. Hosted by Jack Perkins and Mary Richardson, the two-hour concert from the historic Symphony Hall in Boston will also feature the Tanglewood Festival Chorus, the pop group Take 6 and humorist Jimmy Tingle. If you miss the show, don't worry, they'll repeat it on Christmas Eve at 10pm. The concert was taped last December, but this will be its broadcast premiere -- and reps for A&E say that Martina's performance is "simply amazing." (T-100)

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According to Billboard's Web site, Emotion was certified Platinum (sales of
one million units) by RIAA on September 15. Way to go Martina! Congratulations to all involved in the project!!!




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