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January, 2001



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One of the perks of being a performer (other than the fame and requisite wealth that often accompanies it), is being able to meet other artists. Last week's American Music Awards were no exception. We hear that the show's co-host, teen pop diva Britney Spears, made a beeline for Martina McBride during rehearsals. She reportedly gushed about what a big fan she is of Martina's music. Some of Britney's "people" agreed adding that the pop princess plays Martina's CDs on the bus "all the time." Martina enjoyed meeting Britney as well -- but not nearly as much as her six-year-old daughter Delaney. After Martina introduced them, Britney knelt down and told Delaney she loved her curly hair -- a speechless Delaney just nodded. As for
Martina's next performance, she'll be performing on the Grand Ole Opry Friday, January 19 and again Saturday, January 27. The historic Ryman  Auditorium in downtown Nashville is playing host to the Opry during January and February. (T-100)

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Britney Spears gushed over MARTINA McBRIDE during rehearsals for
last week's American Music Awards. Spears told Martina she was a fan, a fact supported by the pop star's friends, who said Spears plays McBride's CDs on her tour bus. McBride's daughter, Delaney, was most  excited about the encounter. Spears reportedly knelt down for a  tete-a-tete with the 6-year-old.

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Martina McBride writes in her recent fan club newsletter that it's the first time in 8 years that her family has had anything closely resembling a normal routine as Martina takes time off from the road. Martina says, "It's so nice to be able to plan things and not have to try and do everything in the 2 or 3 days you are home. I can cook every night, putter around the house and actually have a social life." As for Delaney and Emma, Martina writes  "Delaney loves school and is doing just great. She's already a good reader and is taking dance lessons. Emma misses Delaney during the day (and so do I)." (T-100)

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Martina McBride was especially thrilled to perform at the American Music Awards Jan. 8 because she knew Aerosmith's Steven Tyler would be sitting in the front row. "He's an amazing artist . . . I really respect his ability, his talent," said McBride, who also confessed, "I'm a little star-struck." (WGAR)

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According to Martina McBride's fan club president, she'll be performing the song, "It's My Time," on tonight's American Music Awards telecast. The show kicks off at 8pm ET on ABC-TV and Martina's up for an award in the Favorite Female Country Artist category along with Faith and Reba. (T-100)

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Hi everyone,
As part of a special charity auction we are offering for the first time an autographed copy of Martina's very first single that she recorded when she was around 16 years old!

The bidding starts at a $1.00, and you might not get another chance to own one of these anytime soon!

Follow the link below to bid:

Thank you!

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TV Appearances

Martina will be performing "It's My Time" on the American Music Awards this Monday January 8 (airs LIVE on ABC at 5 p.m. PST). Martina is nominated for Favorate Female Country Artist (along with Faith and Reba).

I just got word that Martina has agreed to do a couple of Opry shows at the Ryman this month - January 19 and January 27.

Have a very Happy New Year!

Liz Beavers, President
Martina McBride Fan Club




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