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September, 2001



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RCA Records artist MARTINA McBRIDE debuts at #1 on the Billboard Top Country
Albums chart and #5 on the Billboard 200 chart with her just-released
Greatest Hits album. Her chart-topping collection scanned over 102,000
units and makes her only the fourth artist in 2001 to sell more than 100,000
albums in their first week of release. The mark also represents the highest
debut for RCA Records Nashville in the history of Soundscan.

Earlier in the week Martina was a guest on Larry King Live where she
discussed her donation to the American Red Cross. She has pledged a portion
of the proceeds from Greatest Hits' sales, which are expected to generate a
minimum of $50,000.

Martina performed a spine-tingling rendition of the Star-Spangled Banner at
this week's Monday Night Football game in Green Bay, Wisconsin. The telecast
was the first one since the recent terrorist attacks on America.

Leading with the chorus of her emotion-packed hit, Independence Day, Martina
ended her performance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno with a moving
interpretation of "America The Beautiful." She received a standing ovation
from the spirited studio audience.

This weekend Martina heads to Indiana to perform with Willie Nelson, Neil
Young and John Mellencamp at the 14th Farm Aid concert to aid American
farmers. She will also act as a host for the CMT telecast. This year's
benefit will be dedicated as a "Concert For America" and will assist the
Farmers' Markets destroyed in the World Trade Center attacks.

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Martina: And a hush fell over the bar

>From Tennessean music writer Peter Cooper:

One of this week's many moments of unexpected patriotism came at 8 p.m. Monday at Broadway Brew House. The place was packed with music industry folks, college kids and other beer-swiggers, and the television sets were tuned to Monday Night Football, live from Green Bay's Lambeau Field.

Then Martina McBride, whose voice is about 10 times bigger than she is, walked out on the field to deliver The Star-Spangled Banner. She got as far as ''by the dawn's early light'' when the din of barroom conversation ended.

Everyone in the bar shut up and listened, wowed by Martina's voice and by the song itself. At the end of Martina's spectacular rendition, bar patrons clapped and cheered like the Titans had just won a ball game. (Guess they'd been saving up.)

Martina reappeared on national television several times this week, including Tuesday night on CNN's The Larry King Show, where Larry pronounced her ''a beautiful girl'' and ''a wonderful mother.''

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Martina Sell Over 100,000 --> Snags First #1 Album!!Hey everyone,

This just in from SOUNDSCAN...

Martina has sold 102,246 copies of the Greatest Hits album!!!

The album is #5 on the overall pop sales charts and... #1 on the country charts!!! Martina's 1st number one album! How awesome is that?

Thanks to everyone who went out and bought the cd, especially with the circumstances going on here in the USA... It means the world to Martina to know that her fans support her like this. We know that she gets overlooked by the CMA's, Grammy's, etc, but nobody can argue with these kinds of numbers! I told John the other night that "the enlightened ones" are growing in numbers, and I guess this is some solid proof!





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