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October, 1999


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Usually country singer Martina McBride doesn’t like to hurry her work, typically taking two years between records. This fall, however, sees the 33-year-old mother of two with two new releases and an inaugural trip Down Under. Following up her brand new set of
stripped-back country pop, Emotion, which was released by RCA Nashville on Sept. 14th, McBride’s expanded set of Christmas songs, White Christmas, was released on
Oct. 12th, again on RCA Nashville.
"Actually the Christmas album is one I put out last year," says McBride explaining the flurry of releases. "I just went in and cut two new tracks for it to give people a chance to hear a couple of new songs." The new version of the album contains two additional cuts,
"Do You Hear What I Hear?" and "Oh Come All Ye Faithful." Don’t expect any holiday shows though, unlike last year, McBride is concentrating on playing her new songs on her current tour, which includes her first trip to Australia this week for a ten day promotional tour of television, radio, and press duties.
"I’d like to do a Christmas tour at some point," says McBride. "The good thing about it is that you get the opportunity to do it every year. I’m sure in the future, we’ll definitely be doing these Christmas songs."
McBride will take time off for a family holiday this Christmas, before her Emotion tour takes up again in January and keeps her busy through the summer of 2000. "My little girl starts kindergarten in August so we’ll definitely be staying home then," says McBride. "But we’ll be working for six months of the year pretty hard.

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MARTINA McBRIDE has the number one country song in
Canada for a second week with “I Love You” from her
fifth CD “Emotion” and from the “Runaway Bride” movie
country compiler - 102199

Courtesy of (TNMusic) ( Oct 8, 1999 

When Martina McBride won the Female Vocalist of the Year trophy at this year's CMA Awards, she told the backstage press that she was overwhelmed by the accolade. That overwhelming feeling, however, didn't completely carry through on the making of her new album, Emotion, currently at No. 3 on Billboard's Country Albums chart.
"This album was really easy to make in so many ways, I
just let myself go with it," McBride told The Tennessean. "The hardest part was trying to free myself from what I thought everybody would expect me to do." McBride's previous album, Evolution, was a huge success, selling more than 2 million copies and spawning such hits as "Broken Wing," "Happy Girl" and "Wrong Again." "I suppose some people would be way more comfortable if I just recorded Evolution Part II," she told the paper, "but I've never really made the same album twice, and I've always tried to do something new and different. Once I just kind of got
over that, the album came so easily."
Yet in going through the process of trying to distance
herself musically from her previous album, she said that she did face a certain challenge. "When I found these songs," McBride said of Emotion, "I found 12 songs that I had absolutely no idea how to sing. Well, on 'There You Are,' I did, but there are a lot of songs that are such a different melody, such a different voice for me, and I felt like it was going to be really different....I mean, it was really a challenge for me."
So far, Emotion is paying off. The album's first release, "I Love You," is at No. 2 on Billboard's Country Single's chart.

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When Martina McBride's on the road, she brings her daughters Emma and Delaney to sound check, and each one gets their own little microphone so they can sing along with mom. But when it's time for Martina to go onstage, the girls lose interest. "I think Delaney is
kind of over it," Martina admits. "I've got to ask her now before she'll come. 'Would you please come watch Mommy's show?' Sometimes, she'll say, 'I don't want to, Mom.'"

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There are three things in Martina McBride's life that she's most passionate about -- her family, her music and her coffee. She takes all three very seriously and knows they all must maintain a level of high quality to keep her happy and motivated. On top of a freshly ground shot of caffeine in the morning, Martina's motivation these days has been at an all-time high. It's no wonder.




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