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July, 2000



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The old adage, "the show must go on" rang true for Martina McBride over the weekend when she played "Jamboree In The Hills" in Wheeling, West Virginia. Three songs into her set, a thunderstorm stopped the show. She returned to the stage ten minutes later to perform, but the storm raged on. The crowd covered themselves in tarps, plastic bags, umbrellas, or they just stood in the rain. Half way into her hit "Love's The Only House," lightning stopped the show again. After a 15 minute break, Martina performed an appropriate song for the moment, the classic "I Can See Clearly Now." (T-100)

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The life of a country music star can be crazy at times. Maintaining a normal
life of being a mom and wife may seem out of reach for someone who is constantly touring the country, making records and attending award shows.
Being normal is not so far out of reach for Martina McBride. "We are just kind of normal regular people," says Martina. "We love just doing normal
things." Those "normal" things include staying home to rent movies, going
out to dinner with the girls and the occasional trip to Wal-Mart. "I put Emma and Delaney in the cart and we go and look at everything you look at when you're at Wal-Mart or Target," says Martina. "That's part of being together as a family." When school starts in a few months, Martina will stop touring to stay home and be there for Delaney when she comes home each day from school. Martina plans to get back on the road during her little girl's Christmas vacation. (T-100)



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