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Jean Lund
(aka Jeannie Allen)


Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder


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This web site has information on a newly discovered silent epidemic affecting women of all ages called Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder (PGAD) also known as PSAS(Persistent Sexual Arousal Syndrome). It is an unwanted arousal disorder that comes out of no where and persists for hours, days and years. And-----it could happen to YOU!

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I started a support group on Yahoo for women with PSAS in November 2003 never dreaming that there would be so many women around the world with this condition. Since it's inception the site has gone from under 20 members in 2003 to over 300 in 2006.

I became a world wide advocate for two reasons.
1. To educate the medical world on a condition that is widely unheard of by doctors and nurses.
2. Now that education has commenced, my goal is to push for research to find the cause and a successful treatment.

I have given numerous interviews that have been printed in magazines and major newspapers (and syndicated to other papers and magazines) through-out Europe and the U.S.. In 2004 I gained the interest of Landmark Films in London who flew to the U.S. and filmed a documentary with me and a few women I coaxed into joining me. That documentary, Extra Ordinary Illnesses has shown and been repeated numerous times through-out England, Canada, France, Germany, The Netherlands, New Zealand, Australia and Lisbon. But the U.S. would not pick it up!

In May of 2006 I finally succeeded, after many attempts to get television coverage on PSAS here in the States.  I gave an interview to CBS, a major news channel in Los Angeles, which was then shown to all it's sister stations. And also in May, once again, I asked two women with PSAS to join me in a special on 20/20 that was tied in with rare conditions shown on the popular television show Gray's Anatomy.   Progress is being made but we have a long way to go. Each piece of journalism brings forth more and more women who have been suffering in silence. They find their way to the support group which was the only one there is. I am pleased to say that a member from the Netherlands who also has PSAS is working on starting her own support group on the Internet so that more women can find comfort in their own language. My hope is to have support groups around the world.

This growth has led me to purchase my own web site and on July 1st, 2006 the support group has moved to a new  home. While the over 11,0000 posts will still be available on the original Yahoo group, and the Yahoo support group is still open, you can find us at our new home by clicking here: PSAS SUPPORT GROUP
Please note the web address and add to your Favorites or Bookmarks.

If you want to read old posts and join both groups please click on the Join Now button and register to  get a free Yahoo account then come back and click the link to the board below.

I  am currently keeping a journal on my life with PSAS which I hope to have published down the road. It can be read on the next page.
 For more information on this disorder, please visit the web sites above.
To contact me for an interview please e-mail me.
 I have done a documentary called Extra Ordinary Illnesses with a film company from the UK that has aired numerous times through-out Europe and Australia. I have given interviews for the Sunday Telegraph, News of the World, Closer Magazine all in the UK, New Weekly magazine in Australia, New Idea magazine, a magazine in Lisbon, the University of Davis-California's Aggie online newsletter, the Boston Globe and many smaller newspapers and magazines. I also participated in two Discovery Health Channel Canada shows for Canada, the Los Angeles CBS prime time news and the US national show 20/20. I have plans to go to Italy in the future to discuss PSAS on a talk show there. The disorder will be featured on ABC's show Prime Time in the near future on their segment Medical Mysteries. The air date will be announced on the support groups as soon as I know it. I will be going to Seattle next year to discuss on a talk show as well.
Hopefully by keeping attention on PSAS, research will be in the near future.
Thank you--
Jean Lund (aka Jeannie Allen)